May 2, 1849, Suffield, Connecticut.

January 14, 1928, Monroe, Wisconsin.

Greenwood Cemetery, Brodhead, Wisconsin.

Eliza was the daughter of James Taylor Sherman, a deacon at the Congregational Church in Brodhead for 50 years, and Abigail T. Morgan. Eliza lived most of her life in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

  1. Are You Clinging, Clinging Close to Jesus?
  2. Are You Trusting in the Master?
  3. Art Thou Sitting in the Shadow?
  4. Art Thou Waiting on the Watch Tower?
  5. As a Distant Strain of Music
  6. Beautiful Star, Bethlehem’s Star
  7. Children’s Glad Voices
  8. Chime, Sweet Bells of Christmas Time
  9. Christ Alone Shall Be My Song
  10. Christ Arose, O Bells of Easter
  11. Christ Is Precious, Do You Doubt Him?
  12. Come Sing Hallelujah to Jesus
  13. Come, Ye Children, March Along
  14. Dear Savior, the Clouds Are All
  15. Do You Doubt the Savior’s Mercy?
  16. Easter Offerings
  17. Echoed Song, The
  18. Father, Before Thy Throne
  19. Father, I Have Heard Thee Calling
  20. Full Atonement
  21. Go Forth to the Field of the Harvest
  22. Go, Tell Them of the Savior
  23. Going Home, Where Jesus Waits Us
  24. Hear the Heavenly Father Calling
  25. Hear the Loving Father
  26. I Would Sing of Christ Who Loved Me
  27. In the Vineyard
  28. Is Your Light Shining Brightly?
  29. Jesus Christ Is All My Song
  30. Jesus Christ Our Loving Savior
  31. Jesus Loved Me Long Ago
  32. Jesus, Thought of Me Ere I Thought of Him
  33. Joyfully We’re Marching
  34. Joyfully with Glad Hosannas
  35. Just Across the Silent River
  36. List to the Music over the Earth
  37. Long I’ve Wandered from the Master
  38. Lord Arose, The
  39. Loud and Long the Bells Are Ringing
  40. O I Am So Happy in Jesus
  41. O I Would Sing of Jesus
  42. O List the Bells of Christmas Morn
  43. O There’s a Land of Beauty
  44. O What Have You Done for Christ Today?
  45. Oh, the Precious Love of Jesus
  46. Once I Rode the Raging Billows
  47. Once I Wandered Far from Jesus
  48. Passing Away Like the Sunbeams at Evening
  49. Peace with God, What Gift More Precious
  50. Rosy Glow the Tapers in the Bar Room Bright
  51. Say, What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  52. See the Mighty Congregation
  53. Shout, Shout Hosanna, Shout a Glad Hosanna
  54. So, My Boy, You Are Leaving the Old Fireside
  55. Soft on the Winter Air, Joy Bells Are Ringing
  56. Soft the Bells Are Ringing
  57. Softly as a Strain of Music
  58. Softly Fall the Silver Moonbeams
  59. Softly Fall the Twilight Shadows
  60. Some More Convenient Time
  61. Starting from the Cradle Toward the Grave
  62. There Are Sweetest Songs at Morning
  63. There Is a Name So Wondrous
  64. There Is a Star in Yonder Sky
  65. There’s a Beautiful Home, Far Away
  66. There’s a Beautiful Land Far Away
  67. There’s a City Bright and Golden
  68. There’s a City over Yonder
  69. They Say There’s a Land
  70. Traveler Though Thy Feet Are Worn
  71. Vesper Bells Are Ringing
  72. Way Is Dark My Father, The
  73. Way Was Long and Dark and Drear, The
  74. We Are Singing Sweetest Praises
  75. We Can Tell the Sweet Old Story
  76. What Shall I Do with Jesus?
  77. When Pearly Moonbeams Silently
  78. When Thy Heart O’erflows with Gladness
  79. While Bloom Life’s Sweetest Roses
  80. You Are Leaving the Happy Home Circle Today

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