The Singing Pilgrim

Au­gust 13, 1834, Chau­tau­qua Coun­ty, New York.

June 25, 1895, Del­a­ware, Ohio.

For­est Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Fre­do­nia, New York.


Philip was the son of Saw­yer Phil­lips and Ja­nie Par­ker, and hus­band of Ol­ive Ma­ry Ol­lie Clark.

Phillips be­gan teach­ing sing­ing school at age 19. In 1860, he formed a part­ners­hip in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, with Will­iam Sum­ner & Com­pa­ny, un­der the firm name of Phil­ip Phil­lips & Com­pa­ny, to sell pi­a­nos, or­gans, and Sun­day school song­books

Phillips fre­quent­ly in­tro­duced him­self in a town by put­ting a me­lo­de­on in a ve­hi­cle, park­ing on a prom­in­ent street cor­ner, and be­gin to sing and play. His mar­vel­ous voice drew large crowds.

In 1875, Phil­lips went on a tour of Aus­tral­ia, con­duct­ing over one hun­dred song ser­vic­es. He re­turned to New York two years lat­er, by way of Sri Lan­ka, In­dia, Ja­pan, Je­ru­sa­lem, Egypt, It­a­ly, Eur­ope, and Eng­land. He wrote Round the World with Des­crip­tive Songs about the ex­per­i­ence.

Phillips’ oth­er books in­clude:

  1. Ashamed to Be a Chris­tian?
  1. Bettendorf
  2. Blind Bar­ti­me­us
  3. Eternity Is Draw­ing Nigh
  4. Gary
  5. Home of the Soul
  6. I Am Sweep­ing Thro’ the Gate
  7. I Will Sing for Je­sus
  8. Lord Will Pro­vide, The
  9. Meeting Place, The
  10. Mississauga
  11. Nearer My Home
  12. Oh, What Are You Go­ing to Do?
  13. Our Coun­try
  14. Singing for Je­sus
  15. Stand Like the Brave
  16. Song of Sal­va­tion