April 26, 1834, Sherburne, New York.

November 15, 1907, Yonkers, New York.

Black Creek Cemetery, New Hudson, New York.


Horatio was the son of Anson B. Palmer and husband of Lucia A. Chapman.

Palmer’s mother died when he was three years old. At age seven, he began singing in the church choir directed by his father. Horatio attended the Rushford Academy in New York, then taught there (1855–65), becoming the Academy’s music director, and organizing a cornet band there.

Palmer later moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he was choir director at the Second Baptist Church. In addition, he published the magazine Concordia.

Palmer moved back to New York in 1873, and set up the Church Choral Union in 1881. The organization eventually grew to 20,000 singers, and performed in locations such as Madison Square Garden in New York City (where it fielded a 4,000 member choir). Palmer went on to organize similar groups in New York state, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. In 1877, the Summer School of Music at Chautauqua, New York, was established, and Palmer led it for 14 years. He also conducted annual music festivals in Cortland, New York, and directed the choir at the Broome Street Tabernacle in New York City for 11 years.

Palmer’s works include:

  1. Angry Words
  2. Broad ’Tho the Atlantic Be
  3. Companion, Hie We Quickly
  4. Father, Hear Us, O Be Near Us
  5. Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild
  6. Girded with Joy and with Gladness
  7. God’s Promise for Ever Abideth
  8. Gone, Gone, Gone from Our Home
  9. Have Courage to Say No!
  10. Here’s a Lesson We Should Heed
  11. Holy Spirit from Above, Fill Our Hearts
  12. I Hear My Lord Inviting
  13. If, When the Joyous Day Is Gone
  14. Jesus Loves Little Children
  15. Jesus Will Never, Never Forsake Thee
  16. Marching, Marching, Marching on to Victory
  17. O Come Away to the School Room
  18. O Eyes That Are Weary
  19. O My Father, Take Me
  20. On a Far Away Strand There’s a Beautiful Land
  21. Only a Word, but with Fervency Poured
  22. Onward and Upward and Forward Today
  23. Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer
  24. Prize Is Set Before Us, The
  25. Rose of Sharon, The
  26. Shall I Let Him In?
  27. Shall We Meet Beyond the River?
  28. Step by Step O Gentle Jesus Lead Me
  29. There Is a Home Eternal
  30. Trusting Sweetly in Jesus
  31. We Shall See the Golden City
  32. Yield Not to Temptation
  1. Bethlehem’s Star
  2. Bethlehem Babe, The
  3. By and By
  4. Cabin John
  5. Come Close to the Savior
  6. Come, Sinner, Come
  7. Day-Spring
  8. Hark! the Voice of Jesus Calling
  9. Master, the Tempest Is Raging
  10. Memories of Galilee
  11. See! from the Morning Land
  12. Silver Star, The
  13. Steadily Marching On
  14. Vincent
  15. Wayside Cross, The