Feb­ru­a­ry 5, 1854, New Marl­bo­rough, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Oc­to­ber 13, 1916, Man­hat­tan, Kan­sas.

Wa­baun­see Ce­me­te­ry, Wa­baun­see, Kan­sas.


Laura was the daugh­ter of Ed­ward A. Pixley. Or­phaned as an in­fant, she was adopt­ed by her aunt, Mrs. Hir­am Ma­bie, who at the time lived in New York.

In 1858, the Ma­bie fam­ily moved to a farm south of where Wa­me­go, Kan­sas, now stands. Two years af­ter the move, Mr. Ma­bie died, and his wife re­sumed teach­ing.

In 1860, Mrs. Ma­bie ac­cept­ed a po­si­tion in To­pe­ka, Kans­as, where she taught ma­ny years. Un­der her tut­el­age, Lau­ra re­ceived her ed­u­ca­tion. as ear­ly as age 12, Lau­ra was writ­ing rhymes, and two years lat­er her po­ems be­gan to ap­pear in lo­cal news­pa­pers. She had no thought of a lit­er­a­ry ca­reer; she simp­ly wrote to give vent to her po­et­ic­al mind.

In 1871, Lau­ra mar­ried Laur­en New­ell, a car­pen­ter from Man­hat­tan, Kan­sas. They had at least six child­ren, and be­longed to the Con­gre­ga­tion­al de­nom­in­a­tion.

In 1873, Lau­ra was list­en­ing to an ad­dress by a speak­er who la­ment­ed the death of gen­ui­ne hymns, and she re­solved to try her hand in that line of work. That be­gan a long per­i­od of writ­ing songs, sacr­ed and sec­u­lar, ser­vic­es for an­ni­ver­sa­ry oc­ca­sions, can­ta­tas, adapt­ing words to mu­sic, and mu­sic to words.

Mrs. New­ell is in­deed a pro­lif­ic writ­er. Her po­ems num­ber in the thou­sands. She has had over eight hun­dred poe­ms pub­lished in a sin­gle year, a most re­mark­a­ble record. The great ease with which Mrs. New­ell writes is one of her spe­cial gifts.

Not long since an or­der, acc­om­pan­ied by mu­sic and ti­tles, was sent her for eight po­ems to suit. At sev­en o’clock in the ev­en­ing she sat down to her or­gan to catch the mu­sic. Then she went to her desk, and at ten o’clock the or­der was rea­dy for the re­turn mail. Her work pleased the pub­lish­er so well that he sent her an or­der for for­ty-eight ad­di­tion­al po­ems. Mrs. Newell writes sev­er­al hun­dred po­ems an­nu­al­ly. She is a ve­ry mod­est and un­pre­ten­tious la­dy, and goes about her dai­ly work as cheer­ful­ly as her po­ems ad­vise oth­ers to do.

The deep­ly re­li­gious char­ac­ter of the wo­man stands out bold­ly in near­ly all her work. The next world is ap­par­ent­ly as real to her as the pres­ent. Her heart is in her work, and to the end of life’s chap­ter, while able, may she wield her pen to tell the Sto­ry so dear to her heart, in verse and song.

Hall, pp. 316–17

  1. Adown Life’s Vale We Wan­der
  2. All for the Sav­ior Who Loves Us
  3. All the World Should Hear the Mes­sage
  4. Any Sac­ri­fice for Je­sus
  5. Are You Lay­ing Up Your Trea­sure?
  6. Are You Look­ing for an An­swer?
  7. Are You Rea­dy for the Judg­ment?
  8. Are You Rea­dy for the Reap­er?
  9. Arise, Away, ’Tis the Mas­ter’s Call
  10. As Price­less Pearls to You
  11. As the Life of a Flow­er
  12. As Thy Days Thy Strength Shall Be
  13. As We La­bor in the Vine­yard Day by Day
  14. At the Mas­ter’s Feet I’m Kneel­ing
  15. Awake, Arise, and Greet the Morn
  16. Be Faith­ful While Jour­ney­ing On­ward
  17. Be Strong in Je­ho­vah, the Migh­ty
  18. Beautiful, Beau­ti­ful Sto­ry of Je­sus, The
  19. Beautiful Child­ren’s Day
  20. Beautiful Day When the Sav­ior Was Mine
  21. Beautiful Home­land
  22. Beautiful Sab­bath Morn­ing
  23. Beautiful Sto­ry of Je­sus, The
  24. Beautiful Words He Hath Spo­ken
  25. Because Our Fa­ther Loved Us So
  26. Behold the Lord, the Ris­en
  27. Beyond the Sun­set Bare
  28. Blessed Je­sus, Loving Sav­ior
  29. Blest Je­sus, Dear Sav­ior, We Con­se­crate Now
  30. Borne up­on Hope’s Gold­en
  31. Breathe up­on Us, Ho­ly Spir­it
  32. Brighter and Bright­er the Way to Life’s Close
  33. Brightly Beam­ing o’er the Way
  34. Bring All Your Cares to Je­sus
  35. Bring Ye the Beau­ti­ful Lil­ies
  36. By and By, We All Shall
  37. By the Cross of Je­sus
  38. By Wa­ters Still and Peace­ful
  39. Can We Be Lov­ers of Plea­sure
  40. Carols of June­tide
  41. Carry All Your Woe to Je­sus
  42. Cast All Your Cares on Je­sus
  43. Catch the Sun­beams e’er They Van­ish
  44. Child Whose Dain­ty Gold­en Curls, A
  45. Children Join the Cho­rus
  46. Children Sing, Sweet­ly Sing
  47. Christ Is Com­ing By and By
  48. Christ Is Ris­en, Pro­claim the Mes­sage
  49. Christ the Con­quer­or Lives
  50. Christ the Lord Will Be the Hope
  51. Christian Sol­diers Bound
  52. Christian Sol­diers, on Life’s Rug­ged Road
  53. City Lies Be­yond the Blue, A
  54. Clean Hands, Pure Hearts
  55. Clear the Bea­con Light Is Gleam­ing
  56. Come, All Ye Child­ren, Chant
  57. Come Hap­py Child­ren, Chant
  58. Come to Je­sus if the Sun­light
  59. Come to Me, All Ye So Wea­ry
  60. Come, What May of Joy or Sor­row
  61. Come with a Mes­sage from Je­sus
  62. Consider the Lil­ies, They Toil Not
  63. Crown of Thorns the Sav­ior Wears, A
  64. Christmas Bells Peal Forth, The
  65. Crumbs from the Mas­ter’s Ta­ble, The
  66. Day by Day, with Noise­less Tread
  67. Days, How They Glide, The
  68. Days, These Au­tumn Days So Rare
  69. Dear Child­ren, Two Paths Are Be­fore You
  70. Dear Je­sus, Thy Child­ren Who Love Thee
  71. Do I Stand on the Rock?
  72. Do You Hear His Mes­sage?
  73. Door of the Fold Is Je­sus, The
  74. Door of the King­dom Is Open, The
  75. Fairest ’Mong Ten Thou­sand
  76. Faithful to Je­sus, O May I Be Found
  77. Far, Far from Home, the Night Is Com­ing On
  78. Far On, O, Brave­ly, Stead­fast
  79. Fearlessly with Him to Guide
  80. Flash of Light, A
  81. Forgive, and Be For­giv­en
  82. Founded on the Rock Christ Je­sus
  83. Fountain, a Clear Flow­ing, A
  84. From Step to Step He Doth
  85. Gaily Sing, Gai­ly Sing
  86. Gather the Sheaves for the Mas­ter
  87. Gathering Gold­en Sheaves
  88. Gathering Pearls for the Mas­ter
  89. Glory, Glo­ry, in the High­est
  90. Glory in the High­est, Hear the Grand Re­frain
  91. Go and Seek for Souls Astray
  92. Go, Search in the High­ways and By­ways
  93. Go Tell the World That the Christ Is Come
  94. Go Tell Them of Je­sus
  95. God Bless the Lit­tle Ones
  96. God of Our Sal­va­tion, Grant Thy Love Di­vine
  97. God’s Love Il­lumes
  98. God’s Spir­it Strives with Me
  99. Gospel In­vi­ta­tion, The
  100. Grave Where Is Thy Vic­to­ry?
  101. Hail, Glo­ri­ous Day So Long Fore­told
  102. Hail, Prince of Peace, All Hail
  103. Hail, Star Di­vine, O Won­drous Light
  104. Hallelujah to the Lord! See Christ in Glo­ry Rise
  105. Happy Child­ren of the King
  106. Happy Hearts to Love
  107. Happy, Joy­ous Band Are We, A
  108. Happy Land of Rest
  109. Hark, I Hear a Shout Along the Line
  110. Hark, the Mes­sage of Sal­va­tion
  111. Have a Pur­pose, Do Not Wa­ver
  112. Have You Heard the Blessed Mes­sage?
  113. Have You Heard the Sav­ior?
  114. Have You Heard the Won­drous Sto­ry?
  115. Have You Left All Your Sins At the Cross?
  116. He Calls Us One by One
  117. He Doth Lead Me Day by Day
  118. He Giveth His Be­loved Sleep
  119. He Is Call­ing, Gent­ly Call­ing
  120. He Is Knock­ing at Your Heart
  121. He Is Plead­ing To­day
  122. He Is Ris­en
  123. He Is Ris­en, Pro­claim the Sto­ry
  124. He Stands At the Door, At the Door of Your Heart
  125. Hear the Call, Blessed Call
  126. Hear the Sav­ior’s In­vi­ta­tion
  127. Hearken to the Mes­sage, Sent from Hea­ven Above
  128. His Eye Is Ev­er Watch­ing
  129. Holy Mem­o­ries Round Thee Clus­ters
  130. How Can Ye Doubt, but Come with Me
  131. How Life’s Tri­als and Temp­ta­tions
  132. How Sweet Are Thy Words to My Taste
  133. I Am Com­ing Back to Je­sus
  134. I Am Lis­ten­ing for His Foot­fall
  135. I Am Near­ing Scenes Ce­les­ti­al
  136. I Am So Hap­py for Je­sus Is Mine
  137. I Am the Light, Our Sav­ior Said
  138. I Am Trust­ing Day by Day in His Word
  139. I Am Wait­ing for a Mes­sage
  140. I Can Hear My Sav­ior’s Gen­tle Voice
  141. I Cannot Drift Be­yond His Love
  142. I Gave My Heart to Je­sus
  143. I Have a Hope, Blessed Hope
  144. I Know His Voice, My Shep­herd’s Voice
  145. I Know Not the Hour of His Com­ing
  146. I Know Not the Way I Shall
  147. I Know Not When My Barque Shall Sail
  148. I Know That All My Sins Are Gone
  149. I Know That My Re­deem­er Liveth, and I with Him
  150. I Know We Shall Meet
  151. I May Not See My On­ward Path
  152. I Need Not Know How Christ Can Save
  153. I Re­joice in the Love
  154. I Was Car­ry­ing a Bur­den
  155. I Will Be Glad and Re­joice in Thy Love
  156. I Will Leave All My Past At the Cross
  157. I Will Take Away Their Sins
  158. If Dark the Thorny Way
  159. If the Mas­ter Should Call
  160. If Wait­ing or Sleep­ing
  161. I’ll Al­ways Have Je­sus Be­side Me
  162. I’ll An­chor Safe At Home
  163. I’ll Sing Away My Sor­row
  164. I’m Al­ways Re­joic­ing, for Je­sus Is Mine
  165. I’m Safe in the Rift of the Rock
  166. I’m Wait­ing in the Bor­de­rland
  167. I’m Watch­ing the Sun­set
  168. In Our Dear Blessed Cause We Are Work­ers To­day
  169. In Sweet Con­tent and Thank­ful­ness
  170. In the Bright­ness of His Glo­ry
  171. In the Fold of Christ the Shep­herd
  172. In the Gold­en By and By
  173. In the Light of the Cross Do I La­bor
  174. In the Rock I’m Safe­ly Rest­ing
  175. In the Sun­shine of His Love Let Us Live
  176. In Youth’s Bright Days We Come
  177. Is Christ Your King?
  178. Is It Well with My Soul
  179. I’ve a Mes­sage Sweet and Ten­der
  180. I’ve Heard Such a Won­der­ful Sto­ry
  181. I’ve Sailed Till the Sun­set
  182. Jesus Calls for Work­ers, Faith­ful, Loyal
  183. Jesus Calls Us
  184. Jesus Doth Call To­day
  185. Jesus Is Seek­ing the Lost Ones To­day
  186. Jesus Leads the Way to Glo­ry
  187. Jesus Loves Me I Know
  188. Jesus Loves the Lit­tle Ones
  189. Jesus, My Sav­ior, Is Plead­ing with Me
  190. Jesus Never Will For­sake Me
  191. Jesus, Our Ref­uge
  192. Jesus, Ten­der Shep­herd
  193. Jesus, the Con­quer­or, Reigns
  194. Jewels for Thy Di­a­dem
  195. Jewels in Thy Di­a­dem
  196. Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy in the Por­tals of Glo­ry
  197. Joyfully on To­ward His Pal­ace
  198. Just Now Blessed Je­sus Is Call­ing
  199. Keep Our Hearts Pure, Blessed Sav­ior
  200. Let Us Look to Je­sus
  201. Let Us Ne’er Be De­ceived
  202. Let Us Work for Je­sus
  203. Let Your Words Awake Sweet Ech­oes
  204. Light Shines O’er the Earth, A
  205. Light Shines on My Pil­grim Way, A
  206. Like as a Fa­ther, He Pi­ties
  207. Little Child­ren, Come to Je­sus
  208. Long, Long from the Fold
  209. Lord Doth Reign, Let Earth Re­joice, The
  210. Lord of Life Is Knock­ing, The
  211. Lord of the Har­vest, The
  212. Love of Christ So Full, The
  213. Many Souls Wait in Dark­ness Ap­pal­ling
  214. Marching On, Re­joic­ing, Hap­py
  215. Marching On to Zi­on
  216. Marching On­ward, All
  217. Master Has Lent Us a Sea­son, The
  218. May God Be with You Ev­ery Day
  219. May I with the Faith­ful Be Found
  220. Merciful Lord Is My Shep­herd, The
  221. Merry, Mer­ry Birds
  222. Messages from Home, Sweet Home
  223. Messiah Is Come to Re­deem Us
  224. Morn Is Come, the Night Is Past, The
  225. My Fa­ther Reigns in Hea­ven
  226. My Sav­ior Bled on Cal­va­ry
  227. My Soul Is Safe­ly An­chored
  228. My Trust Is Stayed on Thee, O Lord
  229. My Wea­ry Heart Is Filled with Pain
  230. My Wea­ry Heart Was Trou­bled
  231. Myself I Bring to Je­sus
  232. Near to Thy Cross, O Christ
  233. Neath the Ban­ner of the Cross
  234. No Hope Out­side of Je­sus
  235. No One but Je­sus Can Know
  236. No Tears May Fall in Yon­der Home
  237. Now and For­ev­er Thine Would We Be
  238. Now Is the Time to Serve Him
  239. Now the Good Shep­herd Is Call­ing His Sheep
  240. O Come to the Foun­tain, Ye Wea­ry
  241. O Free Is Sal­va­tion
  242. O Ga­ther the Gems in Your Path­way
  243. O Glo­ry Land I Long
  244. O Home of the Ran­somed
  245. O I Would Sing of Je­sus
  246. O Je­sus, Our Sav­ior, to Thee We Pray
  247. O Let Your Light Shine in the Dark­ness
  248. O Lord, We Ap­proach Thee
  249. O Pil­grim So Lone­ly and Wea­ry
  250. O Tell Me of Christ and His Won­der­ful Love
  251. O Tell Me the Sto­ry
  252. O the Man­sions Ov­er Yon­der
  253. O the White Robed Throng
  254. O the Won­drous Love of Je­sus, and the Glo­ry
  255. O to Serve Him Tru­ly
  256. O What Shall Your In­flu­ence Be?
  257. O Who Will Bear Wit­ness?
  258. O’er Life’s Rest­less Stormy Bil­lows
  259. O Hear Him, Ten­derly He Calls
  260. O List to the Call
  261. O Won­drous Love!
  262. Oh, Let Your Light Shine
  263. On the Throne of My Heart
  264. One by One, Our Dear Ones Gone Be­fore Us
  265. One with Christ, Lord Would I Be
  266. Only a Few More Sha­dows
  267. Only Je­sus, Blessed Je­sus
  268. Onward March To­ward the Bet­ter Land
  269. Out at Sea and Tem­pest Tossed
  270. Out of the Sha­dow and Dark­ness
  271. Over on the Gold­en Shore
  272. Pilgrim in Life’s Drea­ry, A
  273. Pilgrim on Earth­land, A
  274. Proclaim the Gos­pel Tid­ings
  275. Rejoice and Be Glad, All Ye Faith­ful
  276. Rejoice, Re­joice, the Lord Is King
  277. Render to Cae­sar His Right­ful Due
  278. Ring, Ring, Joy­ously, Loud­ly, Ring
  279. Ring, Ring, Ring, Sal­ute
  280. Ring the Bells Cheer­i­ly
  281. Rise Above Your Trou­bles
  282. Same Old Sto­ry Sweet, The
  283. Saved by Be­liev­ing Only Be­liev­ing
  284. Savior, I Am Cling­ing
  285. Savior, Thy Lit­tle Ones
  286. Scatter the Sun­shine Wher­ev­er You
  287. Seek Him To­day, Seek Him
  288. Send Afar the Gos­pel Tid­ings
  289. Shout, Shout the Gos­pel Song
  290. Sing Aloud, Pro­claim It Wide
  291. Sing, Child­ren, Sing of the Hea­ven­ly King
  292. Sinner, Just Now
  293. Sleeping in Je­sus, Never to Wak­en
  294. Softly the Bells on the Sab­bath Air
  295. Some Day, Some Sun­ny Day
  296. Somewhere ’tis Al­ways Morn­ing
  297. Souls Are Wait­ing
  298. Souls, Awake, De­lay No Long­er
  299. Speak a Word for Je­sus Now
  300. Stand by the Right, Be Un­daunt­ed
  301. Steadfastly Walk­ing My Sav­ior With
  302. Step by Step We Near His Hea­ven­ly King­dom
  303. Story of His Love, The
  304. Striving to Fol­low the Foot­steps of Je­sus
  305. Suffer the Child­ren to Come un­to Me
  306. Sunshine, Gold­en Sun­shine
  307. Sweet Peace Is Theirs Who Love Thy Law
  308. Take Me, Sav­ior, Keep Me Near Thee
  309. Take Up Your Cross for Je­sus
  310. There Is a Bliss­ful Home
  311. There Is a Land Be­yond the Sky
  312. There Is a Word We All Have Heard
  313. There Is Dead­ly Per­il Lurk­ing
  314. There Is Joy in My Soul
  315. There Is Joy, Joy, Joy
  316. There Is No Joy but in Je­sus
  317. There Is No Oth­er Way but the Path
  318. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Faith
  319. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Faith
  320. There’s a Bright Sun­ny Land Over Yon­der
  321. There’s a Foun­tain, a Clear Flow­ing Foun­tain
  322. There’s a Home That Awaits on That Ra­di­ant Shore
  323. There’s a Light, a Hea­ven­ly Light
  324. There’s a Light That Shines for Me
  325. There’s a Mes­sage of Sal­va­tion
  326. There’s a Song, Sweet Song
  327. There’s a Star of Such Ra­di­ant Beau­ty
  328. There’s a Star That Shines for Me
  329. There’s a Sto­ry, a Beau­ti­ful Sto­ry
  330. There’s a Sto­ry I Would Tell
  331. There’s a Sto­ry Sweet and Old
  332. There’s a Voice That Is Call­ing To­day
  333. There’s a Way That Leads to Glo­ry
  334. There’s a Way, the Way of Life
  335. There’s a Won­drous, Won­drous Sto­ry
  336. There’s a Work, a Work That We All May Do
  337. There’s Light on the Way
  338. They Are Com­ing, They Are Com­ing
  339. They That Sow in Tears
  340. They’re Wait­ing in the Land of Light
  341. Though He Slay Me, I Will Trust Him
  342. Thou Art My God, on Thee I Call
  343. Thou Art the Way, and I Resign
  344. Thou Know­est That I Love
  345. Thou, O Lord, Art My Re­deem­er
  346. Though We La­bor in His
  347. ’Tis Ev­er Sum­mer in My Heart
  348. To a Bet­ter Land, and a Hea­ven­ly
  349. To Je­sus, Our Sav­ior, Our Young
  350. To Souls Who Are Wait­ing
  351. To Thy Cross We Cling, O Blessed Sav­ior
  352. Touch Our Hearts, O Blessed Sav­ior
  353. Touch the Harp Gent­ly
  354. Trusting in His Word of Pro­mise
  355. ’Twas for Me That Je­sus Came to Earth to Live
  356. Under His Ban­ner We March To­day
  357. Under the Breeze of Hea­ven We Sail
  358. Unless I Tell the Sto­ry of Christ the King
  359. Unto Christ I Bring My Bur­dens
  360. Up and Be Do­ing for Je­sus
  361. Voice from Hea­ven, A
  362. Voice Is Ring­ing Sweet, A
  363. Wages of Sin Is Death, The
  364. Walking Close to Je­sus
  365. Walking, Sav­ior, Close to Thee
  366. We Are Al­most to the Ci­ty
  367. We Are Com­ing, Com­ing Home
  368. We Are Com­ing to the Fold
  369. We Are Go­ing Home to the Promised Land
  370. We Are His People, His Sheep Hear His Voice
  371. We Are Lit­tle Sol­diers
  372. We Are Out up­on Life’s Ocean
  373. We Are Sail­ing on Life’s Rough Tem­pestuous Ocean
  374. We Are Striv­ing for a Crown
  375. We Are Toil­ing, Glad­ly
  376. We Are Wait­ing for the Dawn­ing
  377. We Are Wait­ing, Wait­ing for the Day
  378. We Are Work­ers for the King
  379. We Are Work­ers in the Mas­ter’s Vine­yard
  380. We Can Scat­ter as We Go
  381. We Have Heark­ened to Thy Ten­der In­vi­ta­tion
  382. We Know That the Mo­ment
  383. We Read in Sacred Sto­ry
  384. We Shall An­chor in the Har­bor
  385. We Shall Read Life’s Pages
  386. We Shall Rest When Toils Are End­ed
  387. We Sing the Beau­ti­ful Songs of Zi­on
  388. We Would Sing of Je­sus
  389. Weary Heart, O Cease Re­pin­ing
  390. Welcome, One and All
  391. We’ll Ga­ther the Bloss­oms Wher­ev­er We Stray
  392. We’re a Band of Sol­diers Un­der Or­ders
  393. We’re a Hap­py, Hap­py Band
  394. We’re Look­ing for a Bright­er Time
  395. We’re Near­ing the Val­ley
  396. We’re on Our Jour­ney Home­ward
  397. We’re Sol­diers of the Cross of Christ
  398. What Hast Thou Done for Je­sus?
  399. What Have I Done for Je­sus?
  400. What Is My Rank in the Ar­my of God?
  401. What Shall I Say in the Judg­ment Day?
  402. What Will Your Record Be?
  403. When He Maketh Up His Jewels
  404. When Life’s Sun­shine and Its
  405. When My Work Is Done, and Life’s Setting Sun
  406. When Our Feet Shall Stand
  407. When the Clouds Give Place
  408. When the Fading Gleams
  409. When the Jour­ney Toilsome Grows
  410. When the Shining Gates Unfold
  411. When the Years That Are
  412. When Thou Shalt Appear
  413. When We All Get Home When We All Get Home
  414. Where the Gates Are Opened by Day
  415. Where the Gates by Day Are Opened
  416. While He Is Call­ing, Graciously Call­ing
  417. White Wings of Peace to Bless Our Way
  418. Who Can Count the Mercies That Our God Bestows
  419. Who Is with Us Ev­ery Day
  420. Why the Way Is Hedged
  421. Will the Sav­ior Be Wait­ing to Welcome Me Home
  422. With Hearts Full of Gladness This Beau­ti­ful Day
  423. With Joy We Hail This Day
  424. With the Pure in Heart Abiding
  425. Within the Shining Gates
  426. Work Time Is Passing
  427. Working for Je­sus My Sav­ior and King
  428. Working for Je­sus Our Sav­ior Each Day
  429. Yet There Is Room for Thy Small Feet

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