May 24, 1847, Marion, Indiana.

Jan­u­a­ry 28, 1920.

Estates of Serenity, Marion, Indiana.

Charles was the son of Thomas J. Neal and Elizabeth Brownlee, and husband of Abbie E. Patterson. His works in­clude:

  1. Father in Heaven, We Deem
  2. Feed My Lambs, O Precious Savior
  3. Gladly Here We Meet Again
  4. Goodbye, Goodbye Till We Meet Again
  5. Happy as the Little Birds
  6. I Am a Very Little Girl
  7. I Know That Jesus Loves Me
  8. In the Arms of My Dear Loving Savior
  9. In the Sunshine of God’s Love
  10. In the Sunshine of His Love
  11. Into Pleasant Pastures
  12. Jesus Is Waiting to Save, Brother
  13. Jesus Loved the Little Children
  14. Jesus Wants Me to Help Him
  15. Little Lights for Jesus
  16. Little Rays of Sunshine
  17. Our Savior Bids Us Shine
  18. Scattering Sunshine
  19. Singing for the Savior
  20. Something for Jesus
  21. Sun That Shines, The
  22. There Is a Land of Light and Joy
  23. These Little Hands Must Work for Jesus
  24. Though but a Little Child
  25. Time for Parting Words, The
  26. Upon the Cross the Savior Died
  27. We Are Busy Little Sowers
  28. We Are Little Lights
  29. We Love Our Blessed Savior
  30. We Place Our Little Hands
  31. We’re Glad You’ve Come
  32. We’re Little Soldiers of Jesus
  33. We’ve Been Happy
  34. What Can We Little Ones
  35. When I Think of the Sun
  36. With Songs of Joy and Gladness