Born: Jan­ua­ry 30, 1992, Tex­as.



Jessie came to Christ at age nine. In her own words:

I have en­joyed walk­ing with Je­sus since I was nine years old. My fa­ther bap­tized (im­mersed) me at this age. Since my con­ver­sion I have helped in ev­ery area I can to give out the gos­pel.

My Eng­lish fa­ther was in the Navy, so I’ve moved on av­er­age ev­ery year and half of my life. My Jew­ish/Ita­li­an mo­ther is han­di­capped so my sis­ter and I help my fa­ther take care of her. Since my fa­ther’s health has gone down, we hold jobs to sup­port the fa­mi­ly. I have one br­other, mar­ried with a son, and one sis­ter, Re­bec­ca Lee, who is a dear friend.

I learned to sew at age eight, and have been sew­ing the fa­mi­ly clo­thing, as well as mak­ing a liv­ing in this way, ev­er since. We love to sing as a fa­mi­ly, and I go any­where I can to sing prais­es to the Lord, and en­cour­age oth­ers, as long as it isn’t for pay, in­clud­ing hos­pi­tals. I am al­so a writ­er, and have writ­ten ov­er 200 po­ems, 20 full-length sto­ries (fic­tion and bio­gra­phy), and a book of de­vo­tion­al and child­ren’s works.

In 2012–13, I served in Ro­ma­nia for ten months at a mis­sion, teach­ing part-Gyp­sy child­ren in scho­la­stic stu­dies, mu­sic and Bi­ble; as well as min­is­ter­ing to those liv­ing in the vil­lage. Be­ing high­ly in­ter­est­ed in the his­to­ry and va­ri­ous peo­ples, I en­joy re­search­ing the ge­ne­tic and cul­tur­al roots of peo­ples, which ena­bles me to un­der­stand lang­uage and how to pre­sent the Go­spel best.

By this me­thod, I have learned and writ­ten se­ver­al ar­ti­cles and es­says about how oc­cult prac­tic­es have be­come ac­cept­able among the Chris­tian church­es. These ve­ry items have ru­ined the re­pu­ta­tion of the gos­pel; and it is on­ly by walk­ing faith­ful­ly and show­ing the love and ho­li­ness in our own lives that we can hope to re­verse the dam­age done.

Although we have at­tend­ed ma­ny dif­fer­ent church­es, in­clud­ing Men­non­ite and Bap­tist, we do not claim any de­no­mi­na­tion. Our link is through the Blood of Je­sus Christ. I wish most of all to bring glo­ry to the Lord, who has for­giv­en me and loved me, no mat­ter how ma­ny times I have sinned or how ma­ny friends I have lost.

It is a lone­ly road, but it is the on­ly one to go to glo­ry and by the grace of Je­sus Christ, I am who I am.