Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.@Matthew 6:34

Jess­ie A. Lee, 2012 (pub­lic do­main), alt. by An­ge­la K. Zehr.

An­ge­la K. Zehr, har­mo­ny by N. E. M. (🔊 pdf nwc).

Jessie A. Lee (1992–)

I was hired by the Men­non­ite mis­sion in Ro­man­ia to teach the Eng­lish lan­guage to some lo­cal Ro­man­i­an child­ren in Păl­tin­iș, Ro­man­ia; as well as teach­ing mus­ic and re­gu­lar class­es to the mis­sion­a­ry child­ren.

As you can imagine, my days were very full, for af­ter school (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) I vis­it­ed vil­lage­rs re­gul­ar­ly, helped el­de­rly la­dies, ad­min­is­tered med­i­cine and help to the sick and helped in the mis­sion of­fice at times in the ev­en­ing.

I know the Ro­ma­ni­an lang­uage but am not flu­ent in writ­ing it, so I wrote this song in Eng­lish and hand­ed out a Ro­man­i­an trans­la­tion at the pro­gram for the child­ren’s par­ents. The idea came to me one hur­ried day as I was clean­ing up my mes­sy class­room and wor­ry­ing how to get ev­ery­thing done.

Suddenly this song popped into my mind— just leave it for to­mor­row. I ev­en had a tune in my mind as I wrote it sim­i­lar to the one An­ge­la came up with; and I sent my po­em around by e-mail to all my ac­quaint­anc­es and fam­i­ly. Soon An­ge­la emailed me and asked if she could put a tune to my po­em; I was ex­cit­ed be­cause I want­ed the children to sing it at the prog­ram an­y­way.

Jessie Lee, 2015

Just leave it for tomorrow—’cause it’s not today,
And troubles from the day before have passed away!
So take the day God’s given you, and that’s enough;
Tomorrow may not come, and yesterday was tough.


So leave tomorrow and today on God’s doormat,
Where ev’rything is better—leave it just like that!
Don’t pick back up tomorrow or another woe,
Today is where He leads us, and with us will go.

If you would take tomorrow when today’s not through,
A knot comes in your stomach, and your breath’s short, too,
So that you feel so weary and can’t take today,
So drop tomorrow and let Jesus lead the way.


When we take more ourselves than what we ever could,
It can’t be joyful living, peaceable or good.
God said His yoke is easy, and His burden’s light.
So walk today with Jesus, and you’ll win the fight!


If you hold on tomorrow, it will weigh you down.
You cannot carry it because today’s around.
Alone you will be lonely and the way seems long,
But Jesus gives you joy, and you’ll walk with a song!