May 26, 1811, near Bal­ly­mo­ney, County An­trim, Ire­land.

Oc­to­ber 18, 1877, Cleve­land, Ohio.

Woodland Ce­me­te­ry, Cleve­land, Ohio.

Hunter em­i­grat­ed to Am­er­i­ca in 1817, and en­tered Ma­di­son Col­lege in 1830.

He en­tered the Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal min­is­try in Al­li­ance, Ohio, in 1832. He ed­it­ed the Pitts­burgh Con­fer­ence Jour­nal (1836–40) and the Chris­tian Ad­vo­cate. He served as pre­sid­ing elder of the Clarks­burg, West Vir­gin­ia, con­fer­ence un­til 1844. Then he went to the Can­ton Dis­trict, and fin­al­ly to Cleve­land.

In 1855, he be­came Pro­fess­or of He­brew at Al­le­ghe­ny Col­lege, Mead­ville, Penn­syl­van­ia, and lat­er served as vice pre­si­dent of that school.

Hunter’s works in­clude:

  1. Ah Never Was Sor­row Like Mine
  2. Ah Tell Me Not of Gold or Trea­sure
  3. An Old Sol­dier I Stand
  4. And May I Still Get There
  5. As a Sol­dier I Stand with My Sword in My Hand
  6. Awake, My Faith, and Bring to View
  7. Away from His Home and the Friends of His Youth
  8. Beautiful Forms in Mel­low Light
  9. Blissful Hours, When First I Knew Him
  10. Broad Is the Road That Leads to Death
  11. Cease, Fond Na­ture, Cease This Cling­ing
  12. Child, the Child, the King Old Pro­phet Said, The
  13. Christian Sail­ors, Strike the Cho­rus
  14. Come, Child­ren, Let Your Voic­es Rise
  15. Come, Come, Come, Come, for the Fa­ther Waits
  16. Come, Ghast­ly Death, and Lay Me Low
  17. Come, Tell of Your Ves­sel
  18. Dark Was That Day in Na­ture
  19. Death Has No Sting
  20. Eden Above, The
  21. Evergreen Shore, The
  22. Father in Hea­ven, How Great the Grace
  23. Firmly, Breth­ren, Firm­ly Stand
  24. From This Ter­rene and Mor­tal Shore
  25. Give Me but Some Hum­ble Spot
  26. Go, Bring Me, Said the Dy­ing Fair
  27. God Be Praised in Ev­ery Land
  28. God of Our Fa­thers, Whose Right Hand
  29. God of the For­ests, Fields, and Floods
  30. Great Phy­si­cian, The
  31. Hail, Hap­py Day, When Christ, the Son
  32. Hail, Hap­py Morn, I Glad­ly Rise
  33. Hail the Day That Brought Our Free­dom
  34. Hallowed Spot, The
  35. Happy Are Our Days Be­low
  36. Happy the Day, Di­vine­ly Sweet
  37. Happy the Spir­it Re­leased from Its Clay
  38. Haste, Haste, the Clouds Arise
  39. Home in Hea­ven, A
  40. How Blest the Place Where Je­sus Is
  41. How Bright­ly Beams the Day of Grace
  42. How Hap­py Are the Fa­vored Few
  43. I Am Dwell­ing on the Moun­tain
  44. I Am Fad­ing Away to the Land of the Blest
  45. I Left My Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther
  46. I Seek a Place Which Is Out of Sight
  47. If Some Kind Weal­thy Friend Should Wait
  48. I’ll Meet Thee at the Hour of Pray­er
  49. I’m Go­ing Home
  50. In Er­ror’s Ways You Vain­ly Roam
  51. In Sea­sons of Grief to My God I’ll Re­pair
  52. In That Bright World of Joy Above
  53. In the Chris­tian’s Home in Glo­ry
  54. In This Glad Em­ploy
  55. Jerusalem, Thy Man­sions Fair
  56. Joyfully, Joy­ful­ly On­ward I Move
  57. Let Oth­ers Choose the Place of Mirth
  58. Light of Truth Is Break­ing, The
  59. Look Not on the Wine Be­come Red
  60. Many Souls on Life’s Dark Ocean
  61. Mourn, My Harp, the Soon De­part­ed
  62. Music of His Steps Was Sought, The
  63. My Hope Hath Found a Rest­ing Place
  64. My Lord, My Life, at Last to Thee
  65. My Soul Is Hap­py in Its Choice
  66. No, I Can­not, Can­not Yet
  67. Now Send­est Thou Thine Au­tumn, Lord
  68. O Bless­ed Lord, Be Near Us
  69. O Give Me the Flow­ers That Ne­ver De­cay
  70. O Had I the Wings of a Dove
  71. O Hap­py the Day He Was Born
  72. O How Can I For­get the Hour
  73. O How Shall I Praise My Ad­or­able Sav­ior?
  74. O Jesus, Im­ma­cu­late Lamb
  75. O Meet Me at the Throne of Grace
  76. O No, I Ne­ver Can Forget
  77. O Praise the Lord, He Dwells on High
  78. O Who Would Re­main in This Pri­son of Clay
  79. O Yes, I’ll Join the Un­ion Band
  80. Of All the Bright En­signs
  81. O Give Me the Rich­es That Ne­ver De­cay
  82. O Sing to Me of Hea­ven
  83. Our Fa­ther, God, and King
  84. Our Gra­cious Sav­ior and Our Lord
  85. Our Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther, Let Thy Name
  86. Our Kin­dred Dear to Hea­ven Have Gone
  87. Pilgrim and a Strang­er Here, A
  88. Pilgrim and Strang­er, Where Dost Thou Stray?
  89. Pray Breth­ren Pray, the Pray­er of Faith
  90. Review the Pal­sied Sin­ner’s Case
  91. Rise, Sin­ner, Rise
  92. Safe, Safe With­in the Ark
  93. Saints Ex­ult Adieu to Tears
  94. Saints of God, What Glo­ries Meet Ye?
  95. Sinners, the Ci­ty Where You Dwell
  96. Soon Shall We See the Glo­ri­ous Morn­ing
  97. Shades of Night Are Gone, The
  98. Shepherd of Souls, The
  99. Vernal Flow­ers Their Beau­ties Spread, The
  100. Tearfully Lay Her Down to Rest
  101. There Are Mo­ments When Mu­sic’s Soft Num­bers En­chant
  102. There Comes a Day, a Fear­ful Day
  103. There Is a God, Awe­struck, I Feel
  104. There Is a Land, Sur­pass­ing Fair
  105. There Is a Place Where All My Hopes Are Stayed
  106. There Is a Place Where I Hope to Live
  107. There Is a Place Where My Hope Is Stayed
  108. There Is a Place Where the An­gels Dwell
  109. This Earth Has Ma­ny a Plea­sant Sweet
  110. This May Be Thy Lat­est Call
  111. Though Flow­ers of Hope So Ear­ly Fade
  112. Though Poor My Con­di­tion, and Low My De­gree
  113. Though to a Dis­tant Re­gion
  114. To Jor­dan’s Banks Our Hosts Are Come
  115. To the Pro­mised Home in Glo­ry
  116. ’Twas in the Days of Ver­nal Prime
  117. Up, the Voice from Hea­ven Is Sound­ing
  118. Wake, Chris­tian Sol­diers, Wake
  119. We’re Bound for the Land of Pure De­light
  120. We’re March­ing to the Pro­mised Land
  121. What a Won­der of Mer­cy Is This
  122. When Day First Dawned up­on My Soul
  123. When I Set Out for Hea­ven
  124. When the Ho­ly Fire De­scend­ed
  125. Where Ba­bel’s Droop­ing Wil­lows Stood
  126. While in This Hos­tile Re­gion
  127. While Wan­der­ing to and Fro
  128. Who Shall For­bid Our Grate­ful Woe!
  129. Who Would Mourn, and Pine, and Lan­guish
  130. Why Wan­der­est Thou So Far from Home?
  131. Why, Weep­est Thou and Sigh­est?
  132. With Fac­es Turned for Zi­on’s Hill
  133. Woe, Woe to the Sin­ner Who Lives in His Sin
  134. Ye Err­ing Souls That Wild­ly Roam
  135. You May Sing of the Beau­ties of the Moun­tains and Dale

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