May 7, 1889, Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin.

Au­gust 2, 1941, Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin.

Un­ion Ce­me­te­ry, Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin.


Leaving school aft­er eighth grade, Hoppe worked as a ste­no­graph­er in Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin.

She be­gan writ­ing pa­tri­o­tic vers­es in ear­ly child­hood; by age 25, she was writ­ing spir­it­u­al po­et­ry. Some of her po­ems ap­peared in the North­west­ern Lu­ther­an, a per­i­od­i­cal of the Wis­con­sin Ev­an­ge­li­cal Lu­ther­an Sy­nod, of which she was a mem­ber.

These came to the at­tention of Dr. Adolf Hult of Au­gus­ta­na Se­mi­na­ry, Rock Is­land, Il­li­nois, who in­flu­enced her to write her Songs for the Church Year (1928). Se­ver­al hym­nals in­clud­ed her work, which was usu­al­ly set to tra­di­tion­al cho­rale me­lo­dies, though she al­so made a num­ber of trans­la­tions.

Hoppe said of her work:

Many of my hymns have been writ­ten on my way to and from church and to and from work. I uti­lize my lunch hours for typ­ing the hymns and keep­ing up cor­res­pon­dence…still I find a min­ute here and there in which to jot down some verse.

  1. All Glo­ry Be to Thee, O God
  2. All That I Have, O Fa­ther
  3. Ascend, Dear Lord, Thy Earth­ly Toil Is Done
  4. Be Thou Ev­er True to Je­sus
  5. Be Thou Faith­ful Un­til Death
  6. Boast, O World, of All Thy Learn­ing
  7. Bonds of Love, My Sav­ior, The
  8. By Na­ture Deaf to Things Di­vine
  9. Christ the King and Sav­ior Reign­eth
  10. Church of Je­sus, Wake, Awak­en
  11. Church of Pray­er, Let Christ Thy Lord
  12. Come Again, Ye Migh­ty Li­ons
  13. Come and Let the Lord Now Teach You
  14. Come, My Fam­ished Heart, to Je­sus
  15. Comest Thou at Ev­en­ing, Sav­ior
  16. Come, O My Sav­ior, De­lay Thee
  17. Desire of Ev­e­ry Na­tion
  18. Eternal God, Our Fa­ther
  19. Eternal, Gra­cious God
  20. Faith Is a Trust­ful Con­fi­dence
  21. For the Home­land’s Peace and Still­ness
  22. From Hea­ven Above, Ye An­gels All
  23. Go, My Soul, to Cal­va­ry’s brow
  24. God of Ag­es, All Trans­cend­ing
  25. Hail, Ho­san­na, Da­vid’s Son
  26. Have Ye Heard the In­vi­ta­tion?
  27. He Came from Realms Eter­nal
  28. He Did Not Die in Vain
  29. Heavenly Sow­er, Thou Hast Scat­tered
  30. How Blest Are They Who Through the Pow­er
  31. How Blest Is the Soul
  32. I Fear Not Death
  33. I Op­en Wide the Por­tals of My Heart
  34. I Will Re­turn un­to the Lord
  35. Into Thy Pre­sence, Right­eous God
  36. Jesus’ Death, the Death of Death
  37. Jesus, O Pre­cious Name
  38. Jesus, Thine Un­bound­ed Love
  39. Jesus, Thou from Death Hast Ris­en
  40. Let Me Say in Ju­bi­la­tion
  41. Like En­och, Let Me Ev­er Walk with Thee
  42. Little Bird­ie, Sweet­ly Sings
  43. Lo, Thy King Doth Come
  44. Lord Je­sus Christ, the Child­ren’s Friend
  45. O Church of the Word, by the Na­za­rene Found­ed
  46. O Dear Re­deem­er Cru­ci­fied
  47. O Fa­ther Mine, Whose Mer­cies Ne­ver Cease
  48. O Friend of Sin­ners, Son of God
  49. O God of Mer­cies, Fa­ther Mine
  50. O God, Whom We as Fa­ther Know
  51. O Joy­ful Mes­sage, Sent from Hea­ven
  52. O Lord My God, Thy Ho­ly Law
  53. O My Soul, Awake Thee Now
  54. O Pre­cious Sa­vior, Heal and Bless
  55. O Son of God, in Ga­li­lee
  56. O Sweet Con­tem­pl­ation, Dear Sav­ior
  57. O Where May the Soul Find Its Home?
  58. O World, See Here Sus­pend­ed
  59. O World, Thy Life Doth Lang­uish
  60. O’er Je­ru­sa­lem Thou Weep­est
  61. O’er Ked­ron Rings the Mu­sic
  62. Precious Child, So Sweet­ly Sleep­ing
  63. Rejoice, O Zi­on, Shout and Sing
  64. Repent, the King­dom Draw­eth Nigh
  65. Rise, Arise!
  66. Rise, My Soul, to Watch and Pray
  67. Sinners, Work Out Your Sal­va­tion
  68. Son of God, the Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther
  69. Sower Go­eth Forth to Sow, A
  70. Thou Cam­est Down from Hea­ven on High
  71. Thou Dust and Clay of Earth­ly Mold
  72. Thou Go­est to Je­ru­sa­lem
  73. Thou Hast In­deed Made Ma­ni­fest
  74. Thou Lord of Life and Death
  75. Thou Virg­in-Born In­car­nate Word
  76. When the Clouds of Trou­ble Ga­ther
  77. Who Knows When Death May Ov­er­take Me
  1. O Pre­cious Thought!
  2. This Night a Won­drous Re­ve­la­tion

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