Scripture Verse

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son. Isaiah 7:14


Anna B. Hoppe (1889–1941)

Words: An­na B. Hop­pe, 1920.

Music: Pres­cott (Stew­art) Ro­bert P. Stew­art, 1868 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Robert P. Stewart (1825–1894)


Precious Child, so sweet­ly sleep­ing
In a vir­gin’s fond em­brace;
Heav’nly hosts their watch are keep­ing
O’er Thy hum­ble dwell­ing place;
Blest Mes­si­ah, new­born King,
Let my heart its trib­ute bring.

Anthems joy­ous now are ring­ing
In the skies of Beth­le­hem;
Angels their sweet song are sing­ing,
Peace on earth, good will to men.
Precious Je­sus, at Thy birth
Heaven’s peace is brought to earth.

Sweetly rest, Thou pro­mised Sav­ior,
By the prop­hets long fore­told;
Brightly beams the Fa­ther’s favor,
Now all men His love be­hold.
Virgin born Im­ma­nu­el,
Let my tongue Thy prais­es tell!

Promised Sav­ior, I adore Thee,
Son of Da­vid, Son of God!
What can mor­tals bring be­fore Thee?
All is Thine on earth­ly sod.
Take my heart and let it be
Filled with love, dear Child, to Thee.