Mrs. Frank A. Breck


Born: Jan­u­ary 22, 1855, Wal­den, Ver­mont.

Died: March 27, 1934, Port­land, Or­e­gon.

Buried: Rose Ci­ty Ce­me­te­ry, Port­land, Or­e­gon.



She was the daugh­ter of Ste­phen Thomp­son Ell­is and Eliz­a­beth Na­o­mi Boyn­ton Co­burn, and wife of Frank A. Breck (mar­ried 1884).

Carrie was a des­cend­ant of Col­o­nel Ti­mo­thy El­lis, who won dis­tinc­tion in the Bat­tle of Ti­con­der­o­ga in the Am­er­i­can re­vo­lu­tion.

Her fa­mi­ly moved from Ver­mont to Vine­land, New Jer­sey, and she spent most of her life in south­ern New Jer­sey. She and Frank moved to Or­e­gon be­tween 1910 and 1920.

She had no sense of pitch, and could not car­ry a tune, but had the gift of po­et­ic rhy­thm, and wrote ov­er 2,000 po­ems.

She was not par­tic­u­lar­ly ro­bust in health, and had to take fre­quent rests while do­ing chores. At such times, she would sit in her fav­o­rite rock­ing chair, take up a note­book, and write po­et­ry, of­ten with a ba­by on her knee or play­ing at her feet.