Feb­ru­a­ry 17, 1855, Ware, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Oc­to­ber 8, 1930, So­mer­ville, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Wy­o­ming Ce­me­te­ry, Mel­rose, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Blackmer mar­ried twice, to Jen­nie M. Ba­ker and Do­ra Jo­se­phine Ro­by.

A mem­ber of the Ad­vent­ist Church, he at­tend­ed the Wil­bra­ham Acad­e­my. When it came to mu­sic, though, he was large­ly self taught. He wrote his first song at age 16, and went on to write over 300 more dur­ing his life.

He lived most­ly in So­mer­ville, Mas­sa­chu­setts, and had a pi­a­no­for­te business. He di­rect­ed the choir at the Ad­vent Chris­tian Church in So­mer­ville, and was a song lead­er at the Al­ton Bay camp meet­ings in Lake Win­ni­pe­sau­kee, New Hamp­shire (1914–30).

Blackmer’s works in­clude:

  1. All Glo­ry to the Sav­ior’s Name
  2. All Praise to the Son for What He Has Done
  3. Angel Came Down to Be­thes­da’s Pool, An
  4. Are You Lone­ly and Worn and Sad?
  5. As a Chris­tian Band
  6. At Some Con­ven­ient Sea­son
  7. Bear the Cross for Je­sus
  8. Behold That Mo­ther’s Way­ward Son
  9. Behold, What Love, What Bound­less Love
  10. Bless the Lord, Praise His Name, Hal­le­lu­jah
  11. Brother to a Feast In­vit­ed
  12. Christian, Are You Grow­ing Wea­ry?
  13. Christian Sol­dier, Worn with Ser­vice
  14. Come Over, Lost One
  15. Crucified of Cal­va­ry Has Ta­ken All My Load, The
  16. Drifting on to Judg­ment
  17. Father, Now Hear Me Pray
  18. Glorious Scene, Those Three Ap­pall­ing
  19. Glory to Je­sus, He Saves Ev­en Me
  20. Great Day Is Near­ing for Je­sus’ Ap­pear­ing, The
  21. Hail, Thou Once Re­ject­ed Je­sus
  22. How Far to the Ci­ty of Gold?
  23. How Pre­cious the Thought
  24. I Came to the Sav­ior
  25. I Do Be­lieve the Bi­ble
  26. I Have Been Re­deemed from the Pow­er of Sin
  27. I Hear Thy Voice, O Lord
  28. I Know That Je­sus Saves Me
  29. I Shall See Him and Be Like Him
  30. I Will Bless the Lord For­ev­er­more
  31. I Will Build My House up­on the Rock
  32. I Will Not Shrink from Fie­ry Tri­als
  33. I Would Do Each Du­ty Here
  34. In Dark­ness I Wan­dered Till Je­sus I Found
  35. In That Coun­try Which Lies ov­er Jor­dan
  36. In the Dark and Cloudy Day
  37. It Is Sweet to Think of the Sav­ior’s Words
  38. Jesus Calls, Your Heart Would Win
  39. Jesus Is Call­ing Thee!
  40. Jesus, My Sav­ior, Is Com­ing Again
  41. Just Be­yond These Earth­ly Scenes
  42. Like Lot and His Kin­dred
  43. List to the Sen­try’s Call Who Goes There
  44. Little More Rough Toss­ing, A
  45. Lo Here An­oth­er Christ­mas
  46. Look Away to Cal­va­ry
  47. Lord, in Thy Vine­yard as Help­ers Each Day
  48. Love of Christ Is Bound­less, The
  49. My Cru­ci­fied Lord
  50. My Feet Are So Wea­ry with the March
  51. No Dy­ing There
  52. Numberless as the Sands
  53. O Come to the Bless­ed Sav­ior
  54. O Pro­di­gal, Now Re­turn
  55. O Soul Op­pressed with Sin and Guilt
  56. O the Pro­mise, Bless­ed Pro­mise
  57. O the Pro­mise of the Bless­ed Word
  58. O What a Lov­ing Friend Have I
  59. O Where Are the Toil­ers for Je­sus To­day?
  60. O While the Mo­ments Lin­ger
  61. O Would You Share the Bless­ings?
  62. Oft When Tossed on Ocean’s Foam
  63. On Sin’s Dark Moun­tain Ly­ing
  64. On the Sav­ior I’ve Be­lieved
  65. On Thy Jour­ney to the Home­land
  66. Once Again on the Old Camp Meet­ing Ground
  67. Once I Thought I Walked with Je­sus
  68. Once to the Lord, There Came a Trem­bling Soul
  69. Our God Shall Pour on Us
  70. Pilgrim Worn and Wea­ry, A
  71. Pilgrims in a Hos­tile Land
  72. Rejoice, Ye Sons of Men
  73. Save, Mas­ter, That We Per­ish Not
  74. Savior, Dear, I Have Heard of Thy Won­der­ful Word
  75. Savior Knocks, The
  76. Say, Is Your Lamp Burn­ing, My Bro­ther?
  77. See! A Sail Amid the Fear­ful Break­ers
  78. Seek the Lord, We In­vite You, Bro­ther
  79. Simply Trust­ing Christ, My Lord
  80. Swing Back for One Mo­ment, Fair Por­tals
  81. Tell Me the Old, Sweet Sto­ry of Je­sus
  82. There Are Mem­o­ries That Clus­ter in My Heart
  83. There Is a Coun­try Just Ov­er There
  84. There Is a Place Most Dear
  85. There Is No Work That I Can Do
  86. There Was No Room for Him in the Inn
  87. There’ll Be a Shout in the Camp Some Day
  88. There’s a Bet­ter World Than This
  89. There’s a Glad Song Well­ing Up With­in My Soul
  90. There’s a Path­way That Leads un­to Life
  91. There’s a Pro­mised Fu­ture
  92. There’s Ne­ver a Day So Sun­ny
  93. They Cru­ci­fied My Bless­ed Lord
  94. This Is the Old Time Gos­pel
  95. Thou Dear Re­deem­er, Dy­ing Lamb
  96. Together They Are Grow­ing
  97. Unto Thy Fa­ther’s Dwell­ing
  98. Upon the Broad High­way, Bro­ther
  99. Upon the King’s High­way
  100. Wanderer, Je­sus Calls, O Hear His Voice
  101. Warfare Is Rag­ing ’Twixt Wrong and the Right, A
  102. We Are March­ing Along, Bound for Ca­naan
  103. We Shall Not All Sleep
  104. What Is That in Thine Hand?
  105. When I Was Far Away and Lost
  106. When Our Lord Was Here in the Old­en Time
  107. When the Hosts Re­deemed to Zi­on Come
  108. When the Sav­ior in His Glo­ry Comes to Sit
  109. When the Ser­vants of God Have Been Called
  110. When We En­ter the Por­tals of Glo­ry
  111. While Here on the Earth as a Pil­grim
  112. Who Are Those Pil­grims?
  113. Why, in Dark­ness Grope
  114. Wondrous the Fa­vor of Christ to Me
  115. Would You Have the Lord in the Last Great Day?
  1. Already Con­demned
  2. How Far to the Ci­ty of Gold?
  3. Lord Is There, The
  4. Nishak
  5. Repose
  6. Thy Com­ing Again

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