February 17, 1855, Ware, Massachusetts.

October 8, 1930, Somerville, Massachusetts.

Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Massachusetts.

Black married twice, to Jen­nie M. Ba­ker and Do­ra Jo­se­phine Ro­by.

A member of the Ad­vent­ist Church, Black­mer was a composer and songwriter. He attended the Wil­bra­ham Academy, but when it came to music, he was largely self taught. He wrote his first song at age 16, and went to write over 300 more during his life.

He lived mostly in So­mer­ville, Mas­sa­chu­setts, and had a pi­a­no­for­te business. He directed the choir at the Advent Chris­tian Church in So­mer­ville, and was a song leader at the Al­ton Bay camp meetings in Lake Win­ni­pe­sau­kee, New Hamp­shire (1914–30).

Black’s works include:

  1. All Glory to the Savior’s Name
  2. All Praise to the Son for What He Has Done
  3. Angel Came Down to Bethesda’s Pool, An
  4. Are You Lonely and Worn and Sad?
  5. As a Christian Band
  6. At Some Convenient Season
  7. Bear the Cross for Jesus
  8. Behold That Mother’s Wayward Son
  9. Behold, What Love, What Boundless Love
  10. Bless the Lord, Praise His Name, Hallelujah
  11. Brother to a Feast Invited
  12. Christian, Are You Growing Weary?
  13. Christian Soldier, Worn with Service
  14. Come Over, Lost One
  15. Crucified of Calvary Has Taken All My Load, The
  16. Drifting on to Judgment
  17. Father, Now Hear Me Pray
  18. Glorious Scene, Those Three Appalling
  19. Glory to Jesus, He Saves Even Me
  20. Great Day Is Nearing for Jesus’ Appearing, The
  21. Hail, Thou Once Rejected Jesus
  22. How Far to the City of Gold?
  23. How Precious the Thought
  24. I Came to the Savior
  25. I Do Believe the Bible
  26. I Have Been Redeemed from the Power of Sin
  27. I Hear Thy Voice, O Lord
  28. I Know That Jesus Saves Me
  29. I Shall See Him and Be Like Him
  30. I Will Bless the Lord Forevermore
  31. I Will Build My House upon the Rock
  32. I Will Not Shrink from Fiery Trials
  33. I Would Do Each Duty Here
  34. In Darkness I Wandered Till Jesus I Found
  35. In That Country Which Lies over Jordan
  36. In the Dark and Cloudy Day
  37. It Is Sweet to Think of the Savior’s Words
  38. Jesus Calls, Your Heart Would Win
  39. Jesus Is Calling Thee!
  40. Jesus, My Savior, Is Coming Again
  41. Just Beyond These Earthly Scenes
  42. Like Lot and His Kindred
  43. List to the Sentry’s Call Who Goes There
  44. Little More Rough Tossing, A
  45. Lo Here Another Christmas
  46. Look Away to Calvary
  47. Lord, in Thy Vineyard as Helpers Each Day
  48. Love of Christ Is Boundless, The
  49. My Feet Are So Weary with the March
  50. No Dying There
  51. Now Will I Praise Thy Name and Sing
  52. Numberless as the Sands
  53. O Come to the Blessed Savior
  54. O Prodigal, Now Return
  55. O Soul Oppressed with Sin and Guilt
  56. O the Promise, Blessed Promise
  57. O the Promise of the Blessed Word
  58. O What a Loving Friend Have I
  59. O Where Are the Toilers for Jesus Today?
  60. O While the Moments Linger
  61. O Would You Share the Blessings?
  62. Oft When Tossed on Ocean’s Foam
  63. On Sin’s Dark Mountain Lying
  64. On the Savior I’ve Believed
  65. On Thy Journey to the Homeland
  66. Once Again on the Old Camp Meeting Ground
  67. Once I Thought I Walked with Jesus
  68. Once to the Lord, There Came a Trembling Soul
  69. Our God Shall Pour on Us
  70. Pilgrim Worn and Weary, A
  71. Pilgrims in a Hostile Land
  72. Rejoice, Ye Sons of Men
  73. Save, Master, That We Perish Not
  74. Savior, Dear, I Have Heard of Thy Wonderful Word
  75. Savior Knocks, The
  76. Say, Is Your Lamp Burning, My Brother?
  77. See! A Sail Amid the Fearful Breakers
  78. Seek the Lord, We Invite You, Brother
  79. Simply Trusting Christ, My Lord
  80. Swing Back for One Moment, Fair Portals
  81. Tell Me the Old, Sweet Story of Jesus
  82. There Are Memories That Cluster in My Heart
  83. There Is a Country Just Over There
  84. There Is a Place Most Dear
  85. There Is No Work That I Can Do
  86. There Was No Room for Him in the Inn
  87. There’ll Be a Shout in the Camp Some Day
  88. There’s a Better World Than This
  89. There’s a Glad Song Welling Up Within My Soul
  90. There’s a Pathway That Leads unto Life
  91. There’s a Promised Future, a Golden Age
  92. There’s Never a Day So Sunny
  93. They Crucified My Blessed Lord
  94. This Is the Old Time Gospel
  95. Thou Dear Redeemer, Dying Lamb
  96. Together They Are Growing
  97. Unto Thy Father’s Dwelling
  98. Upon the Broad Highway, Brother
  99. Upon the King’s Highway
  100. Wanderer, Jesus Calls, O Hear His Voice
  101. Warfare Is Raging ’Twixt Wrong and the Right, A
  102. We Are Marching Along, Bound for Canaan
  103. We Shall Not All Sleep
  104. What Is That in Thine Hand?
  105. When I Was Far Away and Lost
  106. When Our Lord Was Here in the Olden Time
  107. When the Hosts Redeemed to Zion Come
  108. When the Savior in His Glory Comes to Sit
  109. When the Servants of God Have Been Called
  110. When We Enter the Portals of Glory
  111. While Here on the Earth as a Pilgrim
  112. Who Are Those Pilgrims?
  113. Why, in Darkness Grope
  114. Wondrous the Favor of Christ to Me
  115. Would You Have the Lord in the Last Great Day?
  1. Already Condemned
  2. How Far to the City of Gold?
  3. Lord Is There, The
  4. Repose
  5. Thy Coming Again

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