Christopher Rubey Blackall

September 18, 1830, Albany, New York.

January 25, 1924, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Blackall served as a doctor in the American civil war, and, from 1867, as secretary for the American Baptist Publication Society for the North-West for over eight years. He was also chairman of the Auxiliary Board at Harper’s Weekly. He wrote more than 100 Sunday School songs. His works include:

  1. Again with Rejoicing We Come Today
  2. Awhile o’er Earth’s Mountains We’re Roaming
  3. Behold, What Manner of Love
  4. Best of the Seven! Oh, Holy Day
  5. Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
  6. Busy We Would Be for Jesus
  7. By and By
  8. Church Bell, The
  9. Come, Come, Join in the Singing
  10. Come to Jesus, Weary, Troubled Wanderer
  11. Do the Right, Never Fear
  12. Doing His Will
  13. Far Distant in the Ages
  14. Fields Are All White, The
  15. Follow the Path of Jesus
  16. Gathered by the Crystal River
  17. Give Me Faith to Come to Thee
  18. Glowing Bright and Pleasant Is the Holy Day
  19. God Made the World, and He Made Me
  20. Hail! Thou Glorious Name!
  21. Hear Me, My Savior
  22. Heavenly Father, Lord of All, I Would Hear
  23. Hither We Come, as a Union Band
  24. I Want to Be Like Jesus
  25. In Our Perfect Home Above
  26. In the Highways and Hedges Go Seek
  27. Jesus Is My Shepherd, He Will Care for Me
  28. Jesus Loved the Little Children
  29. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  30. Labor On
  31. Let Us Help Each Other
  32. Little Eyes, Little Eyes Softly Close in Worship Now
  33. Little Ones Come to Him
  34. Little Sunbeams We’ll Away
  35. Lo! An Ever Flowing Fountain
  36. Lord Wants the Boys, The
  37. Loudly Let the Anthem Swell
  38. Oh, Sing Praise unto the Lord!
  39. Our Joyful Notes We Gladly
  40. Prize Is Set Before Us, The
  41. Savior Stands Inviting, The
  42. Shadows Are Falling, The
  43. Sweet Sabbath School
  44. Stand on the Rock
  45. Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
  46. There Is Some Good for Each One to Do
  47. Though I Walk Through the Vale
  48. Watch Closely the Pathway
  49. We Are Little Sunbeams, Shining
  50. We Are the Lambs
  51. When I Walk in God’s Clear Sunlight
  52. Will the Savior Hear Me
  53. With Joy We Seek Our Savior’s Face
  54. Worthy Is the Lamb That Was Slain to Redeem Us
  55. Would You Gain the Best in Life?

Blackall’s burial place