Scripture Verse

Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy. Hosea 10:12


Noah H. Albaugh (1834–1907)

Words: No­ah H. Al­baugh, Way­side Blos­soms (Day­ton, Ohio: Gro­ne­weg Bro­thers, 1885), pag­es 93–94.

Music: W. How­ard Doane, 1877. Ap­peared in The Glad Re­frain (New York & Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois: Big­low & Main, 1886), num­ber 19 (🔊 pdf nwc).

W. Howard Doane (1832–1915)


Who’ll be sow­ing, who’ll be sow­ing,
Sowing pre­cious gold­en grain,
In the val­ley, on the hill­side,
Wide across the fer­tile plain?


Who’ll be sow­ing, who’ll be sow­ing
Who’ll be sow­ing pre­cious gold­en grain?
Sowing, reap­ing, sow­ing, reaping,
Sowing, reap­ing gold­en grain?

Who’ll be sow­ing seeds of kind­ness
Right and left along the way,
At the home hearth, by the sick couch,
Here and there, where’er we stray?


Who’ll be sow­ing deeds of mer­cy,
Sowing through life’s check­ered vale,
Love and hon­or, vir­tue, good­ness,
Mighty truth that must pre­vail?


May we all go sow­ing, reap­ing,
Only best of life’s fair yield,
So that at the fi­nal har­vest
We may reap in Heav’n’s bright field.