May 22, 1834, Union Township, Ohio.

August 31, 1907.

Bethel Cemetery, Phoneton, Ohio.

Noah was the son of Sam­u­el Al­baugh and An­na Rod­key, and husband of Lu­cin­da Bee­son.

He taught school 1851–54, except one summer when he edited the Day­ton Daily City Item newspaper. By 1858, he was in the nursery business, eventually founding the Al­baugh Nursery & Orchard Company, with locations in Ohio; Car­mi, Illinois; Bur­ling­ton, Kan­sas; and Spar­ta, Wis­con­sin.

During the American civil war, Albaugh served in Company B, 147th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. His unit participated in repelling the attack on Wash­ing­ton, DC, by Confederate forces under Lieu­ten­ant Gen­er­al Ju­bal Ear­ly.

After leaving the army, Al­baugh was on the local Board of Education for 17 years, was a school examiner for a 10 years, a justice of the peace for nine, twice president of the American Association of Florists & Nur­ser­y­men, and president of the Nur­ser­y­men’s Mutual Protective Association.

In 1885, Albaugh was elected to the Ohio legislature, while there was also president of the Troy National Bank. In 1892, he was one of Ohio’s presidential electors on the Re­pub­li­can ticket.

On the spiritual side, Albaugh, was an elder at the Beth­el Reformed church for 30 years, and superintendent of the church’s Sunday school for 14 years.

Albaugh’s works include:

  1. Who’ll Be Sowing?