The truth of God.@Romans 15:8

George Rawson, in the Leeds Hymn Book, 1835, where it was headed with the following extract on which it was based.

He charged us before God, and His blessed angels, if God should reveal anything to us by any other instrument of His, to be as ready to receive it as any truth by his ministry; for he was very confident the Lord had more light and truth yet to break forth out of His holy word.

Narrative of Pastor Robinson’s Address to the Pilgrim Fathers [1620]

Old 22nd Anglo-Genevan Psalter, 1556 (🔊 pdf nwc).

George Rawson (1807–1889)

We limit not the truth of God
To our poor reach of mind,
By notions of our day and sect,
Crude, partial, and confined.
No, let a new and better hope
Within our hearts be stirred:


The Lord hath yet more light and truth
To break forth from His Word.

Darkling our great forefathers went
The first steps of the way;
’Twas but the dawning yet to grow
Into the perfect day.
And grow it shall, our glorious sun
More fervid rays afford:


The valleys passed, ascending still,
Our souls would higher climb,
And look down from supernal heights
On all the bygone time.
Upward we press, the air is clear,
And the sphere-music heard:


O Father, Son, and Spirit, send
Us increase from above;
Enlarge, expand all Christian souls
To comprehend Thy love,
And make us to go on, to know
With nobler powers conferred: