Scripture Verse

Look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28


Words & Mu­sic: Lu­ther B. Brid­gers, in The Re­vi­val No. 6, by Charles D. Till­man (At­lan­ta, Geor­gia: 1910), num­ber 2 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Luther B. Bridgers


Listen, brother, while we sing
As the bells of Heaven ring,
Let us tell to you the story of the cross;
Jesus died to set you free,
That is what He did for me,
As I press along the upward way.


Glory to God I’m on my journey home,
Singing and I’m shouting as I march along,
I am going by and by, to the palace of the King,
I am pressing on the upward way.

If there’s something else you need,
He your hungry soul will feed,
He will sanctify and make the temple clean;
He will come in to abide,
Then you’ll sing whate’er betide,
As you press along the upward way.


You may think He will not come,
But He will if there is room,
So then, brother, open wide to Him the door;
He will search you thro’ and thro’,
Cleanse and make the heart anew,
As you press along the upward way.


Say! I really did not know
He could cleanse and fill me so;
But by faith I launched far out away from shore;
’Tis so sweet to know and be
Dead to self, from sin set free,
As you press along the upward way.