February 14, 1884, Mar­ga­retts­ville, North Car­o­li­na.

May 27, 1948, At­lan­ta, Georg­ia.

Alta Vista Cemetery, Gaines­ville, Georgia.


Bridgers married twice, to Sar­ah Jane Veatch (died 1911) and Al­ine Win­burn (married 1915).

He attended As­bu­ry College in Wil­more, Ken­tuc­ky.

He began preaching at age 17, and was ordained a Methodist minister. He served as an evangelist in the American South and in mission work in Bel­gi­um, Czech­o­slo­vak­ia, and Rus­sia. He pastored in Georg­ia and North Car­o­li­na before retiring in 1945 in Gaines­ville, Georg­ia.

  1. Are You So Heavy Laden
  2. At Your Door the Master’s Calling
  3. Conquest Now Is On, The
  4. God So Loved the World
  5. He Keeps Me Singing
  6. How Sweet the Thought That Jesus Loves Me
  7. I Know Not How Soon I Shall Reach
  8. Since Jesus My Savior Spoke Peace to My Soul
  9. Some Day, It Won’t Be Long
  10. Soul Are You Drifting on the Tide?
  11. There Is a Friend So Dear to Me
  12. They Tell of a City Far Up in the Sky
  13. Upward Way, The
  14. We Are on the Ship of Zion