There are those who scatter abroad, and yet increase more.@Proverbs 11:24

Will­iam A. Og­den, in Mis­sion­a­ry Songs, ed­it­ed by Ed­mund S. Lo­renz (New York: Lo­renz & Com­pa­ny, 1880) (🔊 pdf nwc).

William A. Ogden (1841–1897)

Brightly, sweetly, toiling for the Master,
Go we forth with willing hands to do
Whatsoe’er to us He hath appointed,
Faithfully our mission will pursue.


Toiling for Jesus,
Joyfully we go; joyfully we go,
Toiling for Jesus
In His vineyard here below.

Gladly, sweetly, we will tell the story
Of His love to mortals here below;
Christ, the brightness of the Father’s glory,
Freely here His blessing will bestow.


Meekly, meekly toiling for the Master,
Walking faithfully the path He trod;
Leading wand’rers to the dear Redeemer,
Pointing sinners to the Lamb of God.