I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek Thy servant.@Psalm 119:176

Charles S. Ro­bin­son, Lau­des Do­mi­ni (New York: Century Company, 1890), page 121.

Lynde, Thu­rin­gi­an folk tune, arranged by John B. Cra­mer (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles S. Robinson (1829–1899)

Tell me, my Savior!
Where Thou dost feed Thy flock,
Resting beside the rock,
Cool in the shade.
Why should I be as one
Turning aside alone,
Left, when Thy sheep have gone,
Where I have strayed?

Seek me, my Savior!
For I have lost the way.
I will Thy voice obey;
Speak to me here!
Help me to find the gate
Where all Thy chosen wait;
Ere it shall be too late,
Oh, call me near!

Show me, my Savior!
How I can grow like Thee;
Make me Thy child to be,
Taught from above;
Help me Thy smile to win;
Keep me safe folded in,
Lest I should rove in sin,
Far from Thy love.