Scripture Verse

Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:14


Lina Sandell (1832–1903)

Words: Ka­ro­li­na W. San­dell-Berg, 1859. Trans­lat­ed from Swed­ish to Eng­lish by Au­gus­tus Nel­son (1863–1949).

Music: Or­ton­ville Tho­mas Hast­ings, The Man­hat­tan Col­lect­ion 1837 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know when this trans­la­tion was done, or the orig­in­al Swed­ish title,

Thomas Hastings (1784–1872)


Strait is the gate to all that come,
And nar­row is the way,
Which leads unto the heav’n­ly home,
Where yet is room for thee,
Where yet is room for thee.

In Heav’n, where God His own shall take,
There’s al­so room for thee.
In Je­sus’ name, for Je­sus’ sake,
The gates shall op­ened be,
The gates shall op­ened be.

Where thou­sands stand ar­rayed in white,
Whom God His own de­clared,
There yet is room and life and light,
By grace for thee pre­pared,
By grace for thee pre­pared.

In Je­sus’ heart there’s room, I know,
And in His Heav’n of bliss.
He in His Gos­pel tells me so,
Thanks be to God for this,
Thanks be to God for this.

Now God be praised, that ev­en I
May in that ci­ty dwell,
Where peace shall reign eter­nal­ly,
And all with me be well,
And all with me be well.