Scripture Verse

From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous. Isaiah 24:16


Eben E. Rexford

Words: Eb­en E. Rex­ford, in Ca­rols of Joys, ed­it­ed by Frank Da­vis (Spring­field, Ohio: J. L. Rust, 1882), num­ber 146.

Music: Za­mo­ra Frank M. Da­vis (🔊 pdf nwc) (ar­ranged for du­et and cho­rus).

Frank M. Davis


I hear a song, a song so sweet,
I try all vainly to repeat
Its melody and feeling say
I’ll sing it if God wills some day.


Some day, some happy day to be,
My voice will learn its melody,
And I shall sing the song so sweet,
Of rest and Heav’n at Jesus’ feet.

Some day my journey will be done,
Earth will be lost and Heaven won;
And when the long rough way is trod
I shall behold the face of God.


Some day, I say, content to wait
The opening of the jasper gate,
Come soon or late that day will be
The dawn of endless rest to me.


When comes the time for me to go,
The homeward path I may not know,
But in God’s hand my own I’ll lay,
And He will lead me home some day.