Scripture Verse

Joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5


Words & Mu­sic: Grant C. Tul­lar, 1899 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Grant C. Tullar (1869–1950)


When the heart is hea­vy and the days are long,
Let each pass­ing mo­ment ec­ho with a song.
Fill some life with cour­age, com­fort now the sad—
Many lives are lone­ly, you can make them glad.


Smile and sing, some hap­py, hap­py song,
Days of sad­ness will not tar­ry long;
Smile and sing, ’twill drive the clouds away—
Smile and sing thro’ ev­ery pass­ing day.

Someone needs the com­fort that a song can bring,
If thy heart is hap­py let it gai­ly sing.
Someone’s path­way bright­en, lift some load of care—
Seek some heart to bright­en, and its bur­den share.


Many are in sor­row and the clouds hang low,
You can cheer and com­fort as you on­ward go.
Win some soul for Je­sus, from the path of shame
Giving all the glo­ry to His pre­cious name.