Scripture Verse

He calls His…sheep by name, and leads them. John 10:3


Words & Mu­sic: Al­bert S. Reitz, 1911 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Albert S. Reitz


The Shep­herd of Love is seek­ing the lost
In paths that are rough and steep;
He’s call­ing the lambs that have gone as­tray,
He’s call­ing, call­ing His sheep.


Out of your dark­ness of sin and shame,
Into His love, for­ev­er the same,
Come to Him now, be­lieve on His name,
O an­swer the call to­day.

The Shep­herd of Love knows His sheep by name,
And ten­der­ly leads the way;
O wea­ry one, come to the Shep­herd’s fold,
He’s call­ing, call­ing to­day.


The Shep­herd of Love our ran­som hath paid,
And of­fers sal­va­tion free;
He’s pa­tient­ly wait­ing for thee to come,
He’s call­ing, call­ing for thee.


The Shep­herd of Love now seek­eth His sheep,
He seek­eth what­e’er the cost;
Behold, He is call­ing the wan­d’rer home,
He’s call­ing, call­ing the lost.