Scripture Verse

The blood of Jesus Christ…cleanseth us from all sin. 1 John 1:7


Herbert H. Booth

Words & Mu­sic: Her­bert H. Booth, 1889 (🔊 pdf nwc). Booth wrote this song in No­vem­ber 1889 for the Christ­mas is­sue of All the World.


Savior, hear me, while before Thy feet
I the record of my sins repeat,
Stained with guilt, myself abhorring,
Filled with grief, my soul outpouring;
Canst Thou still in mercy think of me,
Stoop to set my shackled spirit free,
Raise my sinking heart, and bid me be
Thy child once more?


Grace there is my every debt to pay,
Blood to wash my every sin away,
Power to keep me sinless day by day,
For me, for me!

All the memories of deeds gone by,
Rise within me and Thy power defy;
With a deathly chill ensnaring,
They would leave my soul despairing.
Savior, take my hand, I cannot tell
How to stem the tides that round me swell,
How to ease my conscience or to quell
My flaming heart.


Yet why should I fear, hast Thou not died
That no seeking soul should be denied?
To that heart its sins confessing,
Canst Thou fail to give a blessing?
By the love and pity Thou hast shown,
By the blood that did for me atone,
Boldly will I kneel before Thy throne,
A pleading soul.


All the rivers of Thy grace I claim,
Over every promise write my name;
As I am I come believing,
As Thou art Thou dost, receiving,
Bid me rise a free and pardoned slave;
Master o’er my sin, the world, the grave,
Charging me to preach Thy power to save,
To sin-bound souls.