Au­gust 26, 1862, Pen­zance, Corn­wall (his birth name was re­cord­ed as Her­bert Hen­ry).

Sep­tem­ber 25, 1926, Yon­kers, New York.

Ken­si­co Cem­e­tery, Mt. Plea­sant, New York.


Herbert was the son of Sal­va­tion Army (SA) foun­ders Will­iam Booth and Cath­er­ine Mum­ford.

He at­tend­ed Al­les­ley Park Col­lege, Cov­en­try, and the Con­gre­ga­tion­al In­sti­tute, Not­ting­ham, Eng­land.

In the ear­ly 1880’s, he was ac­tive in SA work in France, and wrote some of his ea­rly songs in French. In 1883, he helped found the SA mu­sic­al de­part­ment at Clap­ton. He went on to di­rect SA work in Eng­land (1888), Can­a­da (1892–95), and Aus­tral­ia (1891–1901). Around 1902, he went on ex­ten­sive lec­ture tours in Am­er­i­ca, South Af­ri­ca, Aus­tral­ia, and New Zea­land.

Booth’s works in­clude:

  1. All I Have
  2. Before Thy Face, Dear Lord
  3. Blessed Lord, in Thee Is Re­fuge
  4. Cleansing for Me
  5. From Ev­ery Stain Made Clean
  6. Golden Ci­ty, The
  7. I Bring My Heart to Je­sus
  8. I Bring to Thee My Heart to Fill
  9. I’m Be­liev­ing and Re­ceiv­ing
  10. Let Me Heart Thy Voice Now Speak­ing
  11. Let Me Love Thee
  12. Love of Love So Won­drous
  13. Mighty to Keep
  14. My Mind up­on Thee, Lord, Is Stayed
  15. O Wan­der­er, Know­ing Not the Smile
  16. Penitent’s Plea, The
  17. Promoted to Glo­ry
  18. Savior, Hear Me While Be­fore Thy Feet
  19. Summoned Home
  20. Tell It to Je­sus
  21. There Are Wants My Heart Is Tell­ing
  22. To Me, Dear Sav­ior
  23. To the Front
  24. When My Heart Was So Hard
  25. Why Are You Doubt­ing and Fear­ing?
  26. With My Heart So Bright in the Heav­envly Light
  27. With My Heart So Full of Sad­ness
  28. Within My Heart, O Lord, Ful­fill
  1. God Is Keep­ing His Sol­diers Fight­ing
  2. Lincolnshire
  3. Never Mind, Go On!
  4. Puigcerdà