Scripture Verse

Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20


Luther O. Emerson

Words: Mo­ses Che­ney, in The Chris­tian’s Pock­et Com­pan­ion, ed­it­ed by Jo­seph C. Royce (En­field, Con­nec­ti­cut: John Howe, 1826).

Music: Ma­lone Lu­ther O. Em­er­son, 1869 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Moses Cheney


Once more in the Redeemer’s name,
Dear brethren, we have met again,
To speak, and pray, and sing;
Now let each one obey the call,
Of Him who tasted death for all,
Our everlasting king.

Since I was here, how have you done?
How have you walked, how have you run?
Or, like the eagle, flew,
Or have you fell in despond’s slough?
Then look to Him who sees you now,
To raise your minds anew.

What kind of manna have you had?
Come tell me whether good or bad;
The source from whence it came;
Have you been fed from Christ above,
By those who say they came in love,
To lead along the lame?

Does union in your hearts abound,
As once it did to hear the sound,
Of trembling groans and cries?
When all as one, to Christ did go,
To save them from that dreadful woe
And wipe their weeping eyes?

Christ crucified is what I know,
His cause the reason why I go,
O’er hills and valleys through;
’Tis for His cause I leave my home,
To sound His fame, for this I roam;
For this I come to you.

And while I’m called to leave my home,
And o’er creation wide to roam,
My friends may think of me,
Not knowing what or how I do,
While I am come to visit you
And preach the Gospel free.

O Jesus, come fill all our souls,
May we all be like golden bowls,
Around Thine altar strung;
Our cups o’erflow with love sincere,
Till we shall sing salvation clear,
In everlasting songs.