De­cem­ber 15, 1776, Hav­er­hill, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Au­gust 9, 1856, Shef­field, Ver­mont.

Kel­sey-Mor­rill Ce­me­te­ry, Der­by, Ver­mont.

Cheney was the husband of Ab­i­gail Leav­itt.

[He] lived in San­born­ton, New Hamp­shire. He converted to Christ­i­an­i­ty after the death of his three year old son. He attended Gil­man­ton Acad­e­my in order to be­come a min­is­ter. He lat­er moved to New Dur­ham and was as­so­ci­at­ed with Rev. B. Ran­dall, the found­er of the Free Will Bap­tist de­nom­in­a­tion. He lat­er moved back to San­bor­ton Bay, then Gil­man­ton, Mer­e­dith, Brent­wood, and fin­al­ly Der­by, Ver­mont, servi­ng as a min­is­ter for about fifty years.

Diane Sha­pi­ro

  1. Once More, in the Redeemer’s Name