Scripture Verse

There is wrath gone out from the Lord; the plague is begun. Numbers 16:48


Paul B. Henkel

Words: Paul B. Hen­kel, Church Hymn Book (New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia: So­lo­mon Hen­kel, 1816), num­ber 583. On a fast-day in time of the plague, or oth­er rav­ag­es of death. Note: The 1816 ed­i­tion of this hym­nal does not name the au­thor. Paul Hen­kel’s son, Am­brose Hen­kel, iden­ti­fies his fa­ther as the au­thor by a dou­ble dag­ger symb­ol (‡) in the 1838 ed­i­tion, page 439.

Music: Ir­ae Jo­seph Barn­by (1838–1896) (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Joseph Barnby


O hark unto the sounding bell,
What doth each stroke of tolling tell?
’Tis news to each attentive ear,
Some one is fitted for the bier.

Since death is licensed here to rage
Without respect to any age;
The hoary head, and youth in bloom,
Depart to their eternal home.

Death with an uncontrollèd force,
Will take his way and have his course;
Infectious air and pestilence
Are not repulsed by man’s defense.

They who had thought the world their own
Are with the meanest class cut down;
Both king and princes have to die.
And lay their pow’rs and honors by.

This is our just reward indeed,
What can we say, what can we plead?
Were we not warned, and warned again?
But all we heard, we heard in vain.

But now we feel, we learn to fear,
God’s threatened punishments are here:
What can we do, but plead and pray,
That God may turn His wrath away?