De­cem­ber 15, 1754, Dutch­man’s Creek, Row­an Coun­ty, North Ca­ro­li­na.

No­vem­ber 17, 1825, New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia.

Em­ma­nu­el Lu­ther­an Church Ce­me­te­ry, New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia.

Paul was the son of Ja­cob Henk­el and Ma­ry Bar­ba­ra Teet­er, and hus­band of Eliz­a­beth Ne­ge­ley.

  1. Arise and Shine, Thy Light Is Come
  2. As Faithful Shepherds of the Lord
  3. As the Galatians Vainly Dreamed
  4. Be Ye Not Indolent
  5. Bless Us, Dear Lord, Departing Hence
  6. Blest and Saving Grace of God, The
  7. Certain Beggar, Poor and Blind, A
  8. Christian Church Should Well Partake, The
  9. Come, O Thou Prince of Glory, Come
  10. Could I with Tongues of Angels Speak
  11. Could We, O Savior! Worthy Be
  12. Dear Jesus, Here We Now Attend
  13. Didst Thou, O Savior! Condescend?
  14. Faithful Servants of the Lord, The
  15. God’s Faithful Promises Are Sure
  16. God’s Word of Prophecies Is Giv’n
  17. Grant Us, Dear Lord, Our Daily Bread
  18. Grant Us, O Lord, We Humbly Pray
  19. Here, Blessed Jesus, We Appear
  20. How Great Was Our Dear Lord’s Distress
  21. Immanuel! We Sing Thy Praise
  22. In Parables the Lord Doth Show
  23. In Unity and Peace
  24. It Is a Duty Christians Owe
  25. Jesus, the Great High Priest
  26. Jesus, Thou Everlasting Word!
  27. Leper in His Painful Case, The
  28. Long Did Both Kings and Pro­phets Wait
  29. Not in Deception or Disguise
  30. Now We Depart, We Sing and Pray
  31. O King of Glory, David’s Son!
  32. O Let Me Look to Golgotha
  33. O Mighty God, Thou Virgin’s Son
  34. O Precious Gift from God Above!
  35. O Thou from All Eternity!
  36. Palace Is the Sinner’s Heart, A
  37. Prayer Will at Last an Answer Gain
  38. Priests and Levites Sent to John, The
  39. Rejoice Ye in the Lord
  40. Sower Goes Forth to Sow
  41. Supported by Especial Grace
  42. To Be a Holy Sacrifice
  43. To Be at Peace with Every Man
  44. To Show How Humble Christians Ought
  45. To Such Is Blest Their Marriage Day
  46. To Thee, O Savior, Glory Be!
  47. Truth Which Christians Once Received, The
  48. Way of Life Remained Concealed, The
  49. We Cannot Be the Heirs of Grace
  50. We Humbly Thank Thee, Gracious Lord
  51. We Should Possess the Savior’s Mind
  52. When Christ Was on the Mount Revealed
  53. When Jesus Did from Heav’n Descend
  54. When Jesus in the Temple Stayed
  55. When Jesus Taught the Jews of Old
  56. When John in Prison Came to Hear
  57. When the Distressed Disciples Were
  58. When Times of Troubles Are at Hand
  59. While Shep­herds Kept Their Flocks by Night
  60. Ye Chris­tian Men, Pray Notice Well
  61. Ye Nations, Who on Earth Do Dwell
  62. Ye Who Profess the Lord to Love
  63. Zion, Receive Thy Glorious King!

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