De­cem­ber 15, 1754, Dutch­man’s Creek, Row­an Coun­ty, North Ca­ro­li­na.

No­vem­ber 17, 1825, New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia.

Em­ma­nu­el Lu­ther­an Church Ce­me­te­ry, New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia.

Paul was the son of Ja­cob Henk­el and Ma­ry Bar­ba­ra Teet­er, and hus­band of Eliz­a­beth Ne­ge­ley.

  1. Arise and Shine, Thy Light Is Come
  2. As Faith­ful Shep­herds of the Lord
  3. As the Ga­la­tians Vain­ly Dreamed
  4. Be Ye Not In­do­lent
  5. Bless Us, Dear Lord, De­part­ing Hence
  6. Blest and Sav­ing Grace of God, The
  7. Certain Beg­gar, Poor and Blind, A
  8. Christian Church Should Well Par­take, The
  9. Come, O Thou Prince of Glo­ry, Come
  10. Could I with Tongues of An­gels Speak
  11. Could We, O Sav­ior! Wor­thy Be
  12. Dear Je­sus, Here We Now At­tend
  13. Didst Thou, O Sav­ior! Con­des­cend?
  14. Faithful Ser­vants of the Lord, The
  15. God’s Faith­ful Promis­es Are Sure
  16. God’s Word of Pro­phe­cies Is Giv’n
  17. Grant Us, Dear Lord, Our Dai­ly Bread
  18. Grant Us, O Lord, We Hum­bly Pray
  19. Here, Bless­ed Je­sus, We Ap­pear
  20. How Great Was Our Dear Lord’s Dis­tress
  21. Immanuel! We Sing Thy Praise
  22. In Par­a­bles the Lord Doth Show
  23. In Un­i­ty and Peace
  24. It Is a Duty Chris­tians Owe
  25. Je­sus, the Great High Priest
  26. Je­sus, Thou Ev­er­last­ing Word!
  27. Leper in His Pain­ful Case, The
  28. Long Did Both Kings and Pro­phets Wait
  29. Not in De­cep­tion or Dis­guise
  30. Now We De­part, We Sing and Pray
  31. O King of Glo­ry, Da­vid’s Son!
  32. O Let Me Look to Gol­go­tha
  33. O Migh­ty God, Thou Vir­gin’s Son
  34. O Pre­cious Gift from God Above!
  35. O Thou from All Eter­ni­ty!
  36. Palace Is the Sin­ner’s Heart, A
  37. Prayer Will at Last an Ans­wer Gain
  38. Priests and Le­vites Sent to John, The
  39. Rejoice Ye in the Lord
  40. Sower Goes Forth to Sow
  41. Supported by Es­pe­cial Grace
  42. Thanks Be to God, Who Heard Our Pray­er
  43. To Be a Ho­ly Sa­cri­fice
  44. To Be at Peace with Ev­ery Man
  45. To Show How Hum­ble Chris­tians Ought
  46. To Such Is Blest Their Mar­riage Day
  47. To Thee, O Sav­ior, Glory Be!
  48. Truth Which Chris­tians Once Re­ceived, The
  49. Way of Life Re­mained Con­cealed, The
  50. We Can­not Be the Heirs of Grace
  51. We Hum­bly Thank Thee, Gra­cious Lord
  52. We Should Pos­sess the Sav­ior’s Mind
  53. When Christ Was on the Mount Re­vealed
  54. When Je­sus Did from Heav’n Des­cend
  55. When Je­sus in the Tem­ple Stayed
  56. When Je­sus Taught the Jews of Old
  57. When John in Pr­ison Came to Hear
  58. When the Dis­tressed Dis­ci­ples Were
  59. When Times of Trou­bles Are at Hand
  60. While Shep­herds Kept Their Flocks by Night
  61. Ye Chris­tian Men, Pray No­tice Well
  62. Ye Na­tions, Who on Earth Do Dwell
  63. Ye Who Pro­fess the Lord to Love
  64. Zion, Re­ceive Thy Glo­ri­ous King!

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