Scripture Verse

They believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said. John 2:22


Wenford G. Schurman

Words: Ed­ward S. Uf­ford & Wen­ford G. Schur­man (verse 3), 1909. Uf­ford was ev­i­dent­ly liv­ing in Rock­land, Maine, when this song was writ­ten.

Music: Ed­ward S. Uf­ford (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Uf­ford or Schur­man, would you ?

Edward S. Ufford


I believe the Bible, it taught me how to pray,
Jesus heard and answered, took my sins away;
Gave me peace and pardon, wrote my name above,
Glory hallelujah! for His wondrous love.


I believe the Bible, O it is divine!
Heaven’s golden sunlight in its pag­es shine;
Lights my way to glory, and I’m surely going thro’;
I believe the Bible, for ’tis ever true.

I believe the Bible, it teaches me to sing,
Moses’ song of vict’ry o’er the tyrant king;
Or with Paul and Silas, midnight brings release,
Glory hallelujah! for His perfect peace.


I believe the Bible, of holiness it speaks,
Gracious gift of Jesus to the one who seeks;
Tells of keeping power, ’neath the cleansing flood,
Glory hallelujah! for the precious blood.


I believe the Bible, it teaches me to run
In this royal highway till the prize is won;
Shows the crown awaiting, if I win the race,
Glory hallelujah! for His saving grace.


I believe the Bible, and then the world will see
We have been with Jesus more like Him to be;
With His Word abiding in our hearts made new,
That will prove the blessèd Book is always true.