August 14, 1871, Acadia Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada.

August 16, 1932, Chicago, Illinois.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Mt. Greenwood, Illinois.

At age 21, Schurman went to work at the Brackett Shoe Company, Wakefield, Massachusetts. He came to Christ on February 17, 1894, at a revival meeting led by evangelist Joe Weber. Feeling the call to spread the Gospel, Schurman soon had quite a reputation as a preacher. The shoe factory transferred Schurman to Nashua, New Hampshire, where he met and married Grace Walker in 1897. He later became a full time Pentecostal pastor in Lynn, Massachusetts, and attended the 1907 meeting in Chicago, Illinois, where the Pentecostals joined into the Church of the Nazarene. Shortly thereafter, Schurman became pastor of the Nazarene Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and, in 1915, he moved to Olivet, Illinois, to become the Nazarene Superintendent for Illinois and Wisconsin. In September, 1917, he became pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Chicago. Schurman also served as president of Chicago’s Englewood Ministerial Association. In his day he was one of the foremost preachers and outstanding clergymen of the Chicago Central District.

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