Scripture Verse

You help us by your prayers. 2 Corinthians 1:11


Ira D. Sankey

Words: Sam­uel O. Cluff, 1860.

Music: Ira D. San­key, 1874 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a bet­ter pho­to of Cluff,

Samuel O. Cluff

Origin of the Hymn

On our first visit to Ire­land, in 1874, we came across these words in a print­ed leaf­let. It was the sec­ond hymn to which I wrote music [The Nine­ty and Nine was the first], and it was much used in our meet­ings in Lon­don. It has long been a fav­or­ite pray­er-meet­ing hymn in many church­es.

Sankey, pp. 158–9

Dwight L. Moody told ma­ny stories of the pow­er giv­en to this hymn. He re­lat­ed that a young man from Swe­den told him that he first heard this song in his na­tive land. It was sung by two evan­gel­ists who went house to house to hold a series of meet­ings. The two-roomed log house was packed and after one evan­gel­ist had prayed, the oth­er said, Sing one of San­key’s hymns.

The young man con­tin­ued: Since then I have heard this sweet hymn sung in ma­ny places. I have heard it in pri­mi­tive homes on the West­ern prair­ies and by great choirs in our large ci­ties. But when­ev­er I do hear it I am a lad again in the little log house in Swe­den.

Blanchard, p. 40


I have a Sav­ior, He’s pleading in glo­ry,
A dear, loving Sav­ior though earth friends be few;
And now He is watching in tenderness o’er me;
And oh, that my Sav­ior were your Sav­ior, too.


For you I am praying, for you I am praying,
For you I am praying, I’m praying for you.

I have a Fa­ther; to me He has given
A hope for eternity, blessèd and true;
And soon He will call me to meet Him in Hea­ven,
But, oh, that He’d let me bring you with me, too!


I have a robe; ’tis resplendent in whiteness,
Awaiting in glo­ry my wondering view;
Oh, when I receive it all shining in brightness,
Dear friend, could I see you receiving one, too!


When Je­sus has found you, tell others the story,
That my loving Sav­ior is your Sav­ior, too;
Then pray that your Sav­ior
May bring them to glo­ry,
And prayer will be answered—
’Twas answered for you!


Speak of that Sav­ior, that Fa­ther in Hea­ven,
That harp, crown, and robe
Which are waiting for you—
That peace you possess, and that rest to be given,
Still praying that Je­sus may save them with you.