He giveth more grace.@James 4:6

Anonymous. Appeared in Revised Songs of Redemption and Praise, by John A. Davis & John R. Clements (Chicago, Illinois: Bilhorn Brothers, 1906), number 25.

Louise S. Pridgeon (1865–1928) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Grace, when the sun is shining, Lord,
When the sky is black;
Grace, when I hear the unkind word,
Or am off the track;
Grace, when I’m elbowed in a nook
Till I cannot turn;
Grace, when the dinner will not cook,
When the fire won’t burn.


Grace, grace, all the way,
Grace, grace, every day;
Grace, more grace from Thee,
Lord, for me.

Grace, when my duties all go wrong,
When they seem all right;
Grace when ’tis gladness, praise, and song,
When I have to fight;
Grace, when my clothes are fresh and new,
When they’re worn and old;
Grace, when my purse is empty, too,
When it’s full of gold.


Grace, when the saved ones don’t act saved,
And lay blame on me;
Grace, when the grace I’ve asked and craved
Seems denied by Thee.
Grace, when the midnight hours I tell,
When the morn is nigh;
Grace, when I’m healthy, strong and well,
When I come to die.