Scripture Verse

We will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:21


Charles MacPherson

Words: Ar­chi­bald H. Char­ter­is, 1889, for the Young Men’s Guild of the Church of Scot­land. Pub­lished in The Guild Ma­ga­zine, Au­gust 1889, & in the Church Hym­na­ry, 1898.

Music: Ston­y­path Charles Mac­Pher­son, in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1916 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Archibald H. Charteris


Believing fathers oft have told
What things by God were done,
When faithful men in days of old
Their lifelong battle won;
And now when God calls us to life,
And Satan tempts each man,
We choose our side in th’mortal strife
To fight as best we can—
Like brothers true, of one accord,
To hold one faith and serve one Lord.

Our king has come to claim His own,
Has paid the debt we owe,
Himself has fought the fight alone,
In straits we cannot know.
Amid the world’s confusèd noise,
Where we but darkly see,
The Christ appeals, with sweet, clear voice,
My brothers, follow Me
Like brothers true, of one accord,
To hold one faith, to serve one Lord.

His Church our shelter, He our guide,
Our strength His healing cross,
We range ourselves upon His side,
Where none can suffer loss.
We’re safe behind our Savior’s shield;
He makes us heirs of Heaven;
We claim upon th’embattled field
The victory Christ has given—
Like brothers true, of one accord,
To hold one faith, to serve one Lord.

And yet, O Christ, our Savior king,
Unless Thou keep us Thine,
Our faith will soon dry at the spring,
Our love will shrink and pine.
So by Thy Spirit mold us, Lord;
Inspire our hearts to pray;
Our hungry souls feed with Thy Word,
And teach our lips to say,
True brothers we, of one accord,
We hold one faith, we serve one Lord.

We fain would do our master’s part,
And help our fellow men,
Would cheer some lonely brother’s heart,
Some lost one bring again,
Would serve the Church abroad, at home,
With hearts from self set free,
Striving to make Thy kingdom come.
O God, so may it be,
That, brothers true, with one accord,
We hold the faith and serve the Lord!