Scripture Verse

Look upon the face of Thine anointed. Psalm 84:9


Horace L. Hastings

Words: James A. Lib­by, 1876.

Music: My Help­less­ness Hor­ace L. Hast­ings, 1855 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James A. Libby


Before Thy face, with lifted hands,
My helplessness, O God, I plead;
Look on the form of Him who stands
With Thee, for me to intercede.

The marks of sin are on His brow,
Yea, in His hands, and feet, and side,
Here were the fountains whence did flow
For all my guilt, the cleansing tide.

My sins helped weave the thorny crown,
The nails were driven for my guilt;
On me His eyes were looking down
When freely thus His blood was spilt.

With broken heart and bowing head,
Fallen upon my bended knee,
I hear the words, Forgive him, said,
And now I know He meaneth me.

His name hath led me to Thy throne;
His work for me this boldness gives;
I nothing am, I gladly own,
I live redeemed because He lives.