No­vem­ber 23, 1831, Blandford, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Oc­to­ber 21, 1899, Goshen, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Goshen Center Ce­me­te­ry, Goshen, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

A fifth generation preacher, Hastings began hymn writing and preaching at age 17, and worked as an evangelist in various parts of America. In 1866, he established The Christian, a monthly paper, in which many of his hymns appeared. In 1865, he founded the Scriptural Tract Repository in Boston, Mas­sa­chu­setts. His works in­clude:

  1. Afar From Home, on an Island Lone
  2. Ah What Words of Danger
  3. At Evening Time May There Be Light
  4. Author of Sal­va­tion, Hear My Supplication
  5. Awake and Sing, Awake and Sing
  6. Awaked by Sinai’s Awful Sound
  7. Be Patient Yet
  8. Be Strong, My Soul, in God Most High
  9. Before Us Lies a Valley Dim
  10. Behold, He Comes with Clouds
  11. Behold the Lamb of God
  12. Behold There Comes an Hour Unknown
  13. Beyond the River
  14. Bless, My Soul, the Lord, Thy Maker
  15. Blest Is the Place Where Trees
  16. Breaking Now the Loaf Together
  17. Brightness of the Father’s Glory
  18. Can You Stand for God?
  19. City of Our God Renowned
  20. Come, O My Soul, to Calvary
  21. Come to the Savior Now
  22. Delight in the Lord
  23. Endue Us, Lord, with Heavenly Power
  24. Fair City, When Shall I Behold
  25. Forward, Christian Soldiers
  26. Grace Which Is in Christ Revealed, The
  27. Great Husbandman, at Thy Command
  28. Great King of Glory, Hear the Prayer
  29. Halting, Lingering, Fearing, Longing
  30. Hark! From the Mansions of Glory the Song
  31. Hark! From Yonder Radiant Throng
  32. Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling
  33. Holy Day of Peaceful Rest
  34. I Shall Rest
  35. It May Be at the Even-tide
  36. Jesus, the Comforter
  37. Just as I Am, O Lamb of God
  38. Keep the Sabbath Holy
  39. Lift the Voice and Sound the Trumpet
  40. Light at Eventide
  41. Lonely and Weary by Sorrows Oppressed
  42. Lord, Thou Art with Us While We Pray
  43. My Heart Shall Bless My Heavenly King
  44. Not Here, Where Sparkling Waters
  45. Now Savior, Strengthen Every Heart
  46. Now to the Great, Eternal King
  47. Now unto Him Who on the Tree
  48. Now unto the King Eternal
  49. O Christ of Men the Life and Light
  50. O Father, God, Who Art in Heaven
  51. O Father, Who Rulest the Wind and Wave
  52. O God, to Whom Our Fathers Prayed
  53. O Lord, Who Art with Two or Three
  54. O Rock of Ages
  55. O Savior, Bless Us as We Go
  56. O Shameful Cross, on Thee Was Hung
  57. O Son of God, with Glory Crowned
  58. O Sweetly Through the Gloomy Years
  59. Oh, Worn with Griefs and Pains and Fears
  60. On, On, Thou Weary Mariner
  61. On the North and the East
  62. Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty
  63. Our Father, God, to Thee Alone
  64. Perishing Splendors Pass Away
  65. Praise Ye the Lord! Let Heart and Voice
  66. Praise Ye the Lord, Our God
  67. Rejoice Around the Tomb Where Jesus Lay
  68. Religion Is the Best of All
  69. Roll Thy Burden on the Lord
  70. Savior, Bless Us as We Part
  71. Shall We Meet by Life’s Pure River
  72. Shall We Meet?
  73. Shall We Meet Each Other Yonder
  74. Shall We Meet with Those Beloved Ones
  75. Sing We the Song to Angels Given
  76. Son of God, Earth’s Storms Are Breaking
  77. Soon the Saints Shall Be Freed
  78. Strong to Redeem Is the Lord
  79. Surely at the Appointed Time
  80. Sweet Meditation on the Lord
  81. Take Away the Children
  82. There’s a Light That Is Shining in Darkness
  83. Thou Prince of Glory, Slain for Me
  84. Thou Who Dost with Thy People Meet
  85. Through the Furnace, Through the Heat
  86. To Him Who Died upon the Tree
  87. To Him Who in His Precious Blood
  88. Unto the High and Mighty Lord
  89. We Are Sowing in Our Sadness
  90. We Know the Grace of Him Who Died
  91. We Praise and Magnify Thy Name
  92. We Shall Meet Beyond the River
  93. Weep for the Fallen, in Death Lying Low
  94. Welcome, from Beneath the Wave
  95. Whate’er God Doth Is Rightly Done
  96. When a Few Swiftly Fleeting Years
  97. When o’er the Deep We Rode
  98. When Signs and Wonders There Shall Be
  99. With the Mouth Our Lord Confessing
  100. Within the Garden’s Whispering Shade
  101. Ye Servants of the Lord
  102. Yet There Is Room
  1. Just as God Leads Me I Would Go
  1. Under Thy Wings