Scripture Verse

The world is Mine, and all that is in it. Psalm 50:12


John G. Whittier (1807–1892)

Words: John G. Whit­ti­er, writ­ten for the op­en­ing of Ply­mouth Church, Min­ne­so­ta, 1872.

Music: Mel­combe Sam­uel Webbe, Sr., 1782 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

  • Germany Will­iam Gar­di­ner’s Sac­red Me­lo­dies, 1815 (🔊 pdf nwc)
Samuel Webbe, Sr. (1740–1816)


All things are Thine; no gift have we,
Lord of all gifts, to of­fer Thee:
And hence with grate­ful hearts to­day
Thine own be­fore Thy feet we lay.

Thy will was in the build­ers’ thought;
Thy hand un­seen amidst us wrought;
Through mor­tal mo­tive, scheme and plan
Thy wise eter­nal pur­pose ran.

No lack Thy per­fect full­ness knew;
For hu­man needs and long­ings grew
This house of pray­er, this home of rest,
In the fair gar­den of the West.

In weak­ness and in want we call
On Thee for whom the hea­vens are small;
Thy glo­ry is Thy child­ren’s good,
Thy joy Thy ten­der Fa­ther­hood.

O Fa­ther, deign these walls to bless;
Fill with Thy love their emp­ti­ness;
And let their door a gate­way be
To lead us from our­selves to Thee.