December 17, 1807, near Haverhill, Massachusetts.

September 7, 1892, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

Union Cemetery, Amesbury, Massachusetts.


At age 22, Whittier became editor of the American Manufacturer in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1830, he began editing the Haverhill Gazette and the New England Weekly Review (Hartford, Connecticut). In 1835, Whittier was elected to the Massachusetts legislature. From 1847–59, he wrote for The National Era in Washington, DC. Whittier was influential in the anti-slavery movement, and served as secretary of the American Anti-Slavery Society. When he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he edited the Pennsylvania Freeman. Mobs attacked him several times because of his views.

Author of almost 100 hymns, Whittier was known as America’s Quaker poet. His works include:

  1. All as God Wills
  2. All Things Are Thine
  3. Blest Land of Judea
  4. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
  5. God Giveth Quietness at Last
  6. Green Earth Sends Its Incense Up, The
  7. Harp at Nature’s Advent Strung, The
  8. Hast Thou, ’Midst Life’s Empty Noises
  9. I Ask Not Now for Gold to Gild
  10. I Bow My Forehead to the Dust
  11. I Long for Household Voices Gone
  12. Immortal Love, Forever Full
  13. It May Not Be Our Lot
  14. May Freedom Speed Onward, Wherever the Blood
  15. Now Is the Seed Time
  16. O Backward Looking Son of Time
  17. O Beauty, Old Yet Ever New
  18. O Brother Man
  19. O Fairest Born of Love and Light
  20. O He Whom Jesus Loved
  21. O Holy Father, Just and True
  22. O Lord and Master of Us All
  23. O Love! O Life!
  24. O Maker of the Fruits and Flowers
  25. O Not Alone with Outward Sign
  26. O Pure Reformers, Not in Vain
  27. O Sometimes Gleams upon Our Sight
  28. O Thou, at Whose Rebuke the Grave
  29. O Thou, Whose Presence Went Before
  30. O, What Thou Our Feet May Not Tread
  31. Our Fathers’ God, from Out Whose Hand
  32. Our Friend, Our Brother, and Our Lord
  33. Our Thought of Thee Is Glad with Hope
  34. Path of Life We Walk Today, The
  35. Shall We Grow Weary in Our Watch?
  36. So to the Calmly Gathered Thought
  37. Sound over All Waters
  38. Sport of the Changeful Multitude
  39. Thine Are All the Gifts, O God
  40. Thy Grace Impart
  41. Thou Hast Fallen in Thine Armor
  42. Today, Beneath Thy Chastening Eye
  43. We Faintly Hear, We Dimly See
  44. We See Not, Know Not
  45. We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steeps
  46. When on My Day of Life
  47. Who Fathoms the Eternal Thought
  48. With Silence Only as Their Benediction
  49. Within the Maddening Maze of Things