Cyriakus Zinckeisen
16th Century


Born: Mein­ing­en, Ger­ma­ny.

Zinckeisen was a pas­tor, rector, teach­er and writ­er in Lang­en, Hesse.

In 1584, he sub­mit­ted to pub­lish­er Sig­mund Fey­er­a­bend of Frank­furt am Main a fo­lio col­lect­ion of 354 spi­ri­tu­al songs with 204 tunes ti­tled Kirch­en Ge­säng, so bei der Pre­digt des gött­lich­en Worte­s und bei der Aus­spen­dung der h. Sac­ra­ment in den Kirch­en Augs­bur­gisch­er Con­fes­sion ge­braucht wer­den u. s. f.

Zinckeisen’s sub­mis­sion was de­di­cat­ed to the Rath­man­nen of Bres­lau (now Wro­cław, Po­land). The de­di­ca­tion stat­ed it was an en­larged and im­proved edi­tion of the one pub­lished in 1569 in folio (and again in 1570 in du­o­dez) by Jo­han­nes Wolf in Frankfurt am Main as a print­ed hym­nal.




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