Born: Sep­tem­ber 8, 1876, Ar­kan­sas.

Died: De­cem­ber 28, 1927, Al­ton Park, Ten­nes­se­e.

Buried: Green­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Chat­ta­noo­ga, Ten­nes­see.

Pseudonym: R. F. R. Bell.


Birdie was the daughter of John Har­ris.

In 1904, she was a pri­ma­ry school teach­er in Beu­lah (later re­named Car­ter), Ok­la­ho­ma. She taught in the first Ho­ly Ghost school in Ok­la­ho­ma, named Beu­lah Home of Em­man­u­el’s Bi­ble School, Beu­lah Col­o­ny, Ok­la­ho­ma.

The school was found­ed by mem­bers of the Ho­li­ness, Pen­te­cos­tal, or As­sem­blies of God den­om­in­a­tions. While she taught there, Ro­bert Win­sett was the school’s mu­sic teach­er, and the two later mar­ried.

In 1910, they were liv­ing in El Pa­so Coun­ty, Tex­as. As of 1920, they were in Ham­il­ton Coun­ty, Ten­nes­see.



Help Needed

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