De­cem­ber 23, 1670, Lucka, Sachse-Altenburg, Germany.

Au­gust 11, 1722, Magdeburg, Germany.

Johann was the son of Gottfried Winckler, town clerk of Lucka.

He became a theology student at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Leipzig, when Au­gust Francke and J. C. Schade were holding their Bible readings, and his sympathies thereafter were with the Pietist movement. In 1692, he was appointed preacher to St. George’s Hospital at Magdeburg, and afternoon preacher at St. Peter’s Church there. He became chaplain to the Prince Christian Ludwig Regiment in 1695, and went with it to Holland and Italy. After the Peace of Ryswijk in 1697, he toured Holland and England. Returning to Magdeburg, he was appointed in 1698 diaconus of the cathedral there, and in 1703 inspector of the Holzkreis. In 1714, he became chief preacher at the cathedral, and in 1716, Consistorialrath.

  1. Meine Seele senket sich
  2. O süsser Stand, o selig Leben
  3. Ringe recht wenn Gottes Gnade
  4. Sollt ich aus Furcht vor Menschenkindern