February 10, 1690, London, England.

November 6, 1739.

Tiverton, Devonshire, England.


Brother of John and Charles Wesley, Samuel was trained at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford. He became usher at Westminster, and in 1732 head master at Tiverton Free School. He was a close friend of Bishop Atterbury, and was one of the promoters of the first infirmary set up at Westminster for the sick in 1719. His works include:

  1. From Whence These Dire Portents Around?
  2. Hail Father, Whose Creating Call
  3. Hail, God the Son, in Glory Crowned
  4. Hail, Holy Ghost, Jehovah, Third
  5. Lord of Sabbath Let Us Praise, The
  6. Morning Flowers Display Their Sweets, The
  7. Sun of Righteousness Appears, The