December 11, 1757, Bristol, England.

May 23, 1834, London, England.

East Finch­ley Cemetery and Crematorium, London, England.

Son of hymnist Charles Wesley, Charles Junior is less well known than his brother, composer Sam­u­el Wes­ley. Like Sam­u­el, he was regarded as a musical prodigy in childhood, and was playing the organ before the age of three. He became a professional musician, and the Eur­o­pe­an Magazine of 1784 reported his performance on the organ has given supreme delight. He did not enjoy public performance, though, and worked mainly as a private organist, at one time to the Prince Re­gent. He was connected with the royal family through much of his life, having first played at the Queen’s House at the age of 18. A handful of his compositions are still played: A keyboard sonata in F minor had its first performance on February 1, 2007 at the Per­kins School of Theology at Southern Meth­od­ist University, Dal­las, Texas, as part of a celebration of the 300th anniversary of Charles Wes­ley’s birth and the 250th anniversary of Charles Junior.

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