December 22, 1779, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland.

December 17, 1853, Easterhouse, Scotland.

Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland.


Wardlaw attended Glasgow University, and lived in or near Glasgow most of his life. His picture hangs in the Glasgow art gallery, and a street in Glasgow is named after him. His works include:

  1. At the Time by God Appointed
  2. Christ, of All My Hopes the Ground
  3. Contemplate, Saints, the Source Divine
  4. Glad When They Saw the Lord
  5. Hail, Morning Known Amongst the Blest
  6. Lift Up to God the Voice of Praise
  7. O How Good the Hallowed Union
  8. O Lord Our God, Arise!
  9. Remember Thee, Remember Christ
  10. See the Sun of Truth Arise
  11. When with Wasting Sickness Worn
  12. Where the Sounds of Plaintive Wailing