October 4, 1859, Sandford, Somerset, England.

February 21, 1929, Toronto, Canada.

Son of Samuel Warburton and Elizabeth Jones, Warburton emigrated to America with his parents in 1869.

The family settled in Brockport, New York, where George left school as a young teenager to work with his father, a blacksmith. Shortly after leaving school, he came to Christ; he served as a Wesleyan lay preacher on weekends, becoming known as the boy preacher of Central New York. He tried to make up for leaving school by reading widely. In October 1881, he married Louise H. Johnson in Port Byron, New York.

Warburton was a pioneer in the American Young Men’s Christian Association, before being recruited to advance the organization in Canada, including fund raising and expansion in Toronto. His works include:

  1. Burn, Holy Fire, Within My Breast
  2. Fly to the Refuge in Jesus Provided
  3. For All That Thou, O Lord, Hast Wrought
  4. God of Our Fathers, Who Didst Guide
  5. Impatient Heart, Be Still
  6. Jesus, the Children’s Friend
  7. Jesus Waiting at the Door
  8. O Thou Whose Glory Shone Like Fire
  9. Thou God of Power, Accept Our Praise
  10. Thy Name We Now Unite to Bless
  11. Under the Shadow of the Cross of Jesus
  12. When We Walk Alone in Sadness