Early 20th Century

Walton’s works include:

  1. All Hail the Infant Savior
  2. Almost Saved You Waiting Stand
  3. At the Time When All Is Dark
  4. Close May I Walk, Dear Lord, to Thee
  5. For a Hand to Guide Every Day and Hour
  6. Grace Abounding in the Heart
  7. Home We Build, The
  8. I Believe the Holy Bible Is the Word of God
  9. I’ve Enlisted
  10. Jesus Lives and Dwells Within Me
  11. Let Us Sing the Gospel Through This
  12. Lord, to Thee I Now Surrender
  13. Marching to a City
  14. My Father Knows, He Knows It All
  15. My Savior Has Prepared for Me
  16. O Redeemed of the Savior
  17. Pray On Till the Blessing Comes
  18. Shining for Jesus
  19. Trust in the Lord, and Believe His Word
  20. What Would It Profit Thee, My Soul