March 4, 1875, Drake­town, Geor­gia.

January 25, 1955.

Atl­an­ta, Geor­gia.


Morris stu­died mu­sic un­der Dr. Kel­logg, An­tho­ny Sho­wal­ter, J. Hen­ry Sho­wal­ter, and John B. Her­bert. He taught in hun­dreds of sing­ing schools, as well as be­ing a mu­sic ed­it­or. With John Hen­son, he formed the Mor­ris-Hen­son Com­pa­ny, where he served as pre­si­dent and man­ag­er.

He mar­ried Eliz­a­beth Kirk in 1898, with whom he had sev­en child­ren.

  1. Anywhere Is Home
  2. O Love Di­vine
  3. Over in Glo­ry
  4. Row Me Over the Tide
  5. When I Walk Up the Streets of Gold
  6. Won’t It Be Won­der­ful There
  1. Anywhere Is Home

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