Born: 1390, Rap­per­swil am Zür­ich­see or Frei­burg im Breis­gau.

Died: March 31, 1460, Straß­burg.


Heinrich was a na­tive of Lauf­en­berg, Aar­gau, Swit­zer­land.

The ear­li­est men­tion of him is in that in 1434 he was de­can of the Col­le­giate Church of St. Mau­rice at Zo­fing­en, Aar­gau.

He lat­er held a si­mi­lar post at Frei­burg, in Ba­den. In 1445, he joined the mon­as­te­ry of the Knights of St. John at Straß­burg.


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