Born: June 16, 1862, El­bert Coun­ty, Geor­gia.

Died: Ju­ly 18, 1918, Ath­ens, Geor­gia.

Buried: Oc­o­nee Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Ath­ens, Geor­gia.

Vaughan was the son of John H. Vaugh­an and Mal­i­ta Pru­dence Tuck­er, and hus­band of song writ­er Eu­la­lie Mew­bourne.

He was a Gos­pel song writ­er and mu­sic pub­lish­er, and taught at the South­ern De­vel­op­ment Nor­mal mu­sic school (found­ed by Frank­lin L. Ei­land and oth­ers) in Wa­co, Tex­as. At the time of his death, he was a mem­ber of the Bap­tist Ta­ber­na­cle of Ath­ens.

His works in­clude:

  1. All Tak­en Away
  2. All Will Be Glo­ry
  3. As We Jour­ney on Our Way
  4. Beautiful Coun­try, Land So Bright
  5. Beautiful Gold­en Some­where
  6. Beautiful Home Some­where
  7. Beautiful Land Above
  8. Beautiful Light, Roll On
  9. Beyond the Clouds
  10. Beyond the Star­ry Plains
  11. Close by the Side of Je­sus
  12. Crossing Ov­er
  13. Diamonds in the Rough
  14. Drifting and Gone
  15. Drifting On­ward
  16. Farewell
  17. Few More Days of Toil Be­low, A
  18. Few More Years, a Few More Tears, A
  19. Flow On, Old Jor­dan’s Waves
  20. Glory Train, The
  21. Hallelujah By and By
  22. Happy All the Way
  23. Happy Day Is Com­ing, The
  24. Happy Vi­sions
  25. Has the Old Ac­count Been Set­tled?
  26. Have Mer­cy on Me
  27. Help Your Bro­ther
  28. His Will Be Done
  29. How Sweet ’Twill Be
  30. How Sweet Will Be That Hap­py Time
  31. He’s Call­ing To­day
  32. His Good Old Way
  33. Home of the Soul, The
  34. I Am Long­ing, Wait­ing, Watch­ing
  35. I Come as I Am
  36. I Love the Name of Je­sus
  37. I Love to Sing of That Sweet Day
  38. I Will Meet You in the Morn­ing
  39. I Will See My Mo­ther
  40. In the Rift­ed Rock I’m Sweet­ly Rest­ing
  41. Is It Far to That Beau­ti­ful Home?
  42. Is There Room for Me?
  43. Jesus Is Call­ing, List to His Voice
  44. Jesus Takes Care of Me
  45. Just En­ter the Open Gate
  46. Leading Me To­day
  47. Look How This World Has Made a Change
  48. Looking Be­yond
  49. Loving Sav­ior, Meek and Mild
  50. Matters Not Where Je­sus Leads Me
  51. Meeting in the Sky, The
  52. Methinks I Hear My Sav­ior Call
  53. My Beau­ti­ful Home o’er the Sea
  54. My Crown
  55. My Home Be­yond the Sea
  56. No More Sor­row
  57. O Glory, Sing Glo­ry
  58. O It’s Glo­ry
  59. O That Will Be Glo­ry
  60. O the Joys Un­told, While the Ag­es Roll
  61. O What a Sing­ing on That Shore
  62. On the Hills Ov­er There
  63. One by One, We Pass Away
  64. Only Be­lieve in the Pro­mise
  65. Over the Ri­ver
  66. Parting Hand, The
  67. Railway Mes­sage
  68. Recording Day, The
  69. Resting in Je­sus, How Sweet It Must Be
  70. Resting in My Sav­ior
  71. Resting in the Arms of Je­sus
  72. Savior, When to Thee I Call
  73. Send the Gos­pel Light
  74. Shall I Meet You Up There?
  75. Shattered Vase
  76. Shout the Warn­ing
  77. Sing a Song un­to the Lord
  78. Soon We’ll Lay Our Bur­dens Down
  79. Story of Love
  80. Sweet Heav­en­ly Home
  81. Sweet Rest Some­where
  82. That New Song
  83. That Won­der­ful Day
  84. There’ll Be Room Enough
  85. There’s a Dark, Lone­ly Val­ley
  86. There’s a Glo­ri­ous Time Soon Com­ing
  87. Time Must Be Near, The
  88. ’Twill Be Glo­ry By and By
  89. Up There
  90. Waiting and Watch­ing, My Sav­ior
  91. Walking and Talk­ing with Je­sus
  92. Walking with Je­sus
  93. Water Fresh from the Foun­tain
  94. We Are Pass­ing Away
  95. We Shall Know Each Oth­er There
  96. We Shall See the King
  97. We’ll Meet Be­yond the Shores of Time
  98. When All the Sing­ers Get Home
  99. When Your Way Seems Sad and Gloomy
  100. Will You Come to the Lord?
  101. Windows of Hea­ven Are Op­en To­day, The
  102. Working for Je­sus
  103. World in Sin Is Drift­ing Day by Day, The
  104. You Must Un­load
  105. You Will Be Sor­ry Some Day
  1. Morelia